Mind, Body,& Soul Reset  




Give your mind, body, and soul the ULTIMATE PAMPERING it deserves by going on a retreat, which will leave you feeling more mindful, balanced, rejuvenated, and renewed!




What can I expect from this retreat?


Press the pause button and then the reset button on your life and give yourself some 'YOU TIME' for 9 days on the paradise island of Bali. 

Renew, Balance, and Reconnect with yourself!

Tap into the power of your energy body, balance your mind, body, and soul through daily energy healing, yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions.

Energy alignment and mindset are the two areas we focus on to release emotional blocks and obstacles that are holding you back from living a fulfilled life. Learn tools that create transformation, give you inner peace, emotional mastery, and personal empowerment, and come forward home a new woman! 


Awaken Your Soul In Bali

6th June to 13th June 2022

26th September to 4th October 2022

When was the last time you felt completely aligned like you are truly living your best life?

Press pause and the reset button on your life and spend 9 days on the paradise island of Bali, a Retreat to nourish your MIND, BODY and SOUL. There is no place in the world quite like Bali, as soon as you set foot on this spiritual island you feel a unique energy that is difficult to describe in words. 

…this is your time to tune out of the hectic life, connect with your SOUL, and focus on YOU!

Step into your authentic power and take control of your life once and for all. Release emotions and limitations that are holding you back. Learn tools that create lasting change and give you peace of mind and freedom.  


Connect with other like-minded Soul Sisters.


Escape into a world of relaxation with daily massage and spa treatments, where you will pamper yourself and let the stresses of life melt away!

Empower your wellbeing, get back into alignment with your inner spirit, reveal your true authentic self and get back into flow of life with self- love and inner healing.


Come and breakthrough personal limitations with personal development coaching, meditation, yoga and energy work, experience transformation through ancient sound healing, balancing your energy, chakra healing.


Come and discover your personal empowerment, emotional mastery, inner peace and calm to reconnect your MIND, BODY and SOUL.  

'Have your own Eat, Pray and Love yourself 'Journey'

What will I experience

in this Retreat?

Soul Stone.jpg

Given yourself the gift of “ME TIME!” 

  • IMMERSION experience where you get to get away from your current life and completely redesign a new one.

  • Find Inner calm and peace.

  • Detox the mind and body.

  • Learn how to meditate and learn yoga, so you take home a practice you will implement into your everyday life.

  • Guided Meditations to experience some inner deep emotional and physical healing.

  • Step into your own power, and become the best version of yourself.

  • Find the beautiful balance of slowing down your mind and body, something you easily forget to do. When you slow down, you actually start to feel and when you start to feel, you start to heal.

  • You will rewire your mindset and discover revolutionary ways of thinking so that you can break through your blocks and negative patterns and get your confidence soaring.

  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs and doubts that have been holding you back all these years and have stopped you in the past to create more success in your life.

  • You will have your newfound self-love and sense of inner peace and happiness.  

  • You will learn strategies from different holistic techniques that will support your practice at home. From breathing techniques, ancient sound healing, balancing and healing your chakras, energy work, relaxing your nervous system to journaling and movement. With all these tools you will be able to establish your own practice when you go back home. 

Sukie has a gift with what she does and her coaching is powerful, I really needed someone who was going to help me move through my own fears and gain confidence to put myself first. 

The meditation and mindset exercises that we did were powerful and I felt like I had an emotional detox and came back home more confident and happier about life.

I love Sukie’s calming and caring nature, she makes you feel so safe and relaxed and created a relaxing environment for us all.  I didn’t know the other girls on the retreat but we soon became comfortable with each other with the workshops and meditations we were doing as a group together 



The atmosphere was very calming and peaceful. The exercises and meditation that we did helped my stresses fall away and felt the baggage of the world be released, a lot of emotion came up for me and Sukie showed me how to deal with them. She creates an incredibly safe place for you so you can see and feel what is going on for you. She asks all the right questions and holds the space for you when it’s getting a bit emotional. Sukie, I love your style, your calming nature, warmth approach and I really enjoyed the meditation and coaching I had, the exercises were powerful and deep.

Having this time away from my hectic life, helped me appreciate the simple things in life, food, nature, and how important it is putting myself first.  My family survived without me and it also did them some good to have time without me.


Going on this retreat was one of the best things I have ever done!  I know that I never put myself first and always put everyone else’s needs before mine.  It was so nice being amongst nature.  I have never meditated before and Sukie made it feel extremely easy and I found them very powerful, I had a lot of emotions that came up that I had not processed and Sukie showed me how to deal with them and to let them go.  She has a very soothing voice and is a very patient and calm person. 

I came away from the retreat a different person and looked at life completely differently. She treated everyone’s needs separately and gave us the individual time that we needed. It was very relaxing and peaceful.  I enjoyed the time in nature and the walking meditation we did.  

It felt so great putting myself first for once and having a reset.