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Embodied Awakening 

A 9-day Transformational Retreat


October 13 - 21, 2023

This retreat is for you if you are yearning for a deeper connection with your soul. 


I want you to imagine going on a trip where you not only get to...

Soak up the sun, relax, enjoy delicious foods, indulge in daily full body massages, explore beautiful sacred places, do some yoga outdoors overlooking the jungle before breakfast, meditate every morning, stay in a gorgeous villa nestled in the mountains, AND connect with like minded women……and so much more……


But even more importantly, (maybe for the first time ever) you actually take time off from your busy life to focus on YOU.

To grow yourself in new ways... learn spiritual practices to love yourself like never cultivate self-compassion, understanding, and acceptance....that you can take home and use to raise your vibration and feel better about yourself for the REST of your LIFE!.

PICTURE THIS IN YOUR MIND…….9 extraordinary days just for YOU! where your only to-do is to take care of YOU and put yourself first. Giving yourself the opportunity to turn inwards and reconnect with your body, joy, your passion, your creativity, your spirituality, and your intuition.


Get total Mind, Body, & Soul healing as you retreat in the nurturing and healing energy of Mama of the most spiritual places in the world!.

There's a reason they call it the 'Island of the Gods' this place has a truly magical feel and you will feel the uplifting energy and vibe like no other. Bali is known as a place of transformation, a place of purification, and a place that can elevate your frequency. For centuries it has been known among the local people for carrying funneled energy, eliciting awakening and change.


........begin and end your day, relaxing around the infinity pool, where you will witness the stunning sunrise and sunset as you gaze at the magnificent mountains and views of the jungle.....sip on the fresh exotic fruit juices and detox juices, whilst the gentle warm breeze caresses your skin and the orchestra of nature sounds around you will soothe you into deep relaxation!...........

Why Bali you ask?


Bali holds something special beyond the beautiful culture and the spectacular nature. Bali is Indonesia’s spiritual centre and one of the world’s most vivid centres for spirituality, self-discovery, eliciting awakening and change. It is known as a place of transformation, a place of purification, and a place where you can elevate your consciousness and vibrational frequency. 


Bali is an energy vortex formed by its two large Ley Lines which intersect and have great power and energy and are believed to carry high-vibrational energetic information.  These Ley Lines pass through six sacred sites on the island.  Bali is essentially the ‘World Purification Centre’ the location where the energy of the planet gets cleansed and therefore in the cleansing and rejuvenation of our own soul and body as well. 


Bali captures you and takes you through a process of releasing the old and ushering in the new. It is also a place that amplifies all your emotions and experiences. It confronts your deepest truths. The journey is cleansing and purifying in nature and guides you back to the energy of your heart and spirit.  You leave Bali feeling like an entirely new person!  


When you visit Bali, even if you don’t come with any intention of diving into the spiritual elements of Bali, chances are, you will still feel the beautiful energy and power of the island in one way or another.  It is hard to ignore the power, even if you don’t necessarily believe in these types of things. 


Ah.......the magic of Bali!! Let me tell you more.........

Each day through your journey of self healing, you will experience transformation through energy healing, meditation, yoga, transformational breathwork journeys, chakra clearing, shamanic journeying meditations, sound medicine healing, inner child healing, mantra chanting, massages, and powerful rituals.

Everyone needs healing in some way or another.  As human beings, it is inevitable for us to have acquired some sort of ‘baggage’ over the years. Everyone accumulates preconditioning from external elements as children and as we evolve into adults it is our duty to unbind this preconditioning and baggage. It is our journey to become aware of our internal makeup to avoid manifesting things we don’t want in our lives, running on autopilot.

Self healing bursts open the door to a conscious existence. We become aware. We become conscious observers of our physical reality and can have realisations such as why we think and behave the way we do. Through self healing, we rewire the mind and body so that we react to our physical reality from the space of authenticity and resonance.

So many of us feel so lost in the darkness because we haven’t been given the tools, support, and guidance to help us remember, that the way lies deep within us. Self healing is the actualisation that we contain all that we need to heal, transform, to alchemize.

Once you start the journey of self healing, you begin the journey back to yourself, stripping the layers of all the conditioning that block you from remembering your essence, your power, and your divinity. So join us on the journey, as we gather together as women, in an intimate sacred space and call back our power through ritual and sisterhood. 

So come step away from your comfort zone as we travel together to a new land, beginning a brand new journey on a quest to uncover the medicine we seek, remembering how to become our own healers as we grow through our darkness and learn to alchemize it into the light.

Check out the amazing pics from our recent retreat in Bali October 2022..........