When was the last time you took time to reconnect with your SOUL


Isn't it time to invest in your wellbeing? and give your body, mind, and soul the ultimate pampering by going on a retreat, which will leave you feeling more mindful, balanced, and rejuvenated. 




Press the pause button and then the reset button on your life and give yourself some 'YOU TIME' for 9 days on the paradise island of Bali. 

What can I expect from this retreat?

Renew, Balance and Reconnect with yourself!

Tap into the power of Meditation, balance your mind and body, through daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions.

Focus on yourself, reconnect with your soul, rewire your mindset, and release emotions and obstacles that are holding you back. Learn tools that create transformation, gives you inner peace, emotional mastery, and personal empowerment, through mindset coaching, meditation, yoga, energy healing, daily massage, and spa treatments.


Connect with other like-minded amazing women. 


Awaken Your Soul In Bali

18th to 26th October 2021

25th April to 3rd May 2022 (only 4 places left!)


When was the last time you felt completely aligned like you are truly living your best life?

Press pause and the reset button on your life and spend 9 days on the paradise island of Bali, a Retreat to nourish your MIND, BODY and SOUL. There is no place in the world quite like Bali, as soon as you set foot on this spiritual island you feel a unique energy that is difficult to describe in words. 

…this is your time to tune out of the hectic life, connect with your SOUL, and focus on YOU!

Step into your authentic power and take control of your life once and for all. Release emotions and limitations that are holding you back. Learn tools that create lasting change and give you peace of mind and freedom.  


Connect with other like-minded Soul Sisters.


Escape into a world of relaxation with daily massage and spa treatments, where you will pamper yourself and let the stresses of life melt away!

Empower your wellbeing, get back into alignment with your inner spirit, reveal your true authentic self and get back into flow of life with self- love and inner healing.


Come and breakthrough personal limitations with personal development coaching, meditation, yoga and energy work, experience transformation through ancient sound healing, balancing your energy, chakra healing.


Come and discover your personal empowerment, emotional mastery, inner peace and calm to reconnect your MIND, BODY and SOUL.  

'Have your own Eat, Pray and Love yourself 'Journey'

What will I experience

in this Retreat?

Soul Stone.jpg

Given yourself the gift of “ME TIME!” 

  • IMMERSION experience where you get to get away from your current life and completely redesign a new one.

  • Find Inner calm and peace.

  • Detox the mind and body.

  • Learn how to meditate and learn yoga, so you take home a practice you will implement into your everyday life.

  • Guided Meditations to experience some inner deep emotional and physical healing.

  • Be part of a sisterhood that encourages, empowers and inspires  each other 

  • Step into your own power, and become the best version of you.

  • Find beautiful balance of slowing down your mind and body, something you easily forget to do. When you slow down, you actually start to feel and when you start to feel, you start to heal.

  • You will rewire your mindset and discover revolutionary ways of thinking so that you can break through your blocks and negative patterns and get your confidence soaring.

  • You will have identified and breakthrough any limiting beliefs and doubts that have been holding you back all these years and have stopped you in the past to create more success in your life.

  • You will dive into your own personal journey. Going deep into our struggles, but balancing the serious with fun, and laughter.

  • Beautiful women circles where you will feel safe, you can be open, and where you are given the space to be YOU without any judgement.

  • You will have your newfound self-love and sense of inner peace and happiness.  Return home having fallen into deeper Self Love

  • You will learn strategies from different holistic techniques that will support your practice at home. From breathing techniques, ancient sound healing, balancing and healing your chakras, energy work, relaxing your nervous system to journaling and movement. With all these tools you will be able to establish your own practice when you go back home. 

Sukie has a gift with what she does and her coaching is powerful, I really needed someone who was going to help me move through my own fears and gain confidence to put myself first. I have questioned my life path and who I really am, so thank-you, the work we’ve done has saved me. You have truly helped to change my life, to save my life, to free my real self.

The meditation and mindset exercised that we did were powerful and I felt like I had an emotional detox and came back home more confident and happier about life.

I love Sukie’s calming and caring nature, she makes you feel so safe and relaxed and created a relaxing environment for us all.  I didn’t know the other girls on the retreat but we soon became comfortable with each other with the workshops and meditations we were doing as a group together, we were able to open up to each other easily because Sukie showed us how and be vulnerable. When we shared our experiences in front of the group that was a powerful exercise and Sukie showed us how to find the confidence to do that and to be ourselves with the questions she would ask in the group coaching sessions and the responses we all got. I came home feeling renewed and reconnected with myself and most importantly it taught me how important it is to put my needs first without neglecting anything else in my life. I also feel more confident about myself and my future about the goals I want to set.


Thank you Sukie for running such a great retreat and look forward to attending others too.