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Embodied Awakening 

A 9-day Transformational Retreat


October 13 - 21, 2023

This retreat is for you if you are yearning for a deeper connection with your soul. 


I want you to imagine going on a trip where you not only get to...

Soak up the sun, relax, enjoy delicious foods, indulge in daily full body massages, explore beautiful sacred places, do some yoga outdoors overlooking the jungle before breakfast, meditate every morning, stay in a gorgeous villa nestled in the mountains, AND connect with like minded women……and so much more……


But even more importantly, (maybe for the first time ever) you actually take time off from your busy life to focus on YOU.

To grow yourself in new ways... learn spiritual practices to love yourself like never before..We will journey deep into your body, your being, heart, and soul and remember the power, wisdom, and radiance that lives within you to restore embodied knowing, you are invited to the essence of your feminine power.

PICTURE THIS IN YOUR MIND…….9 extraordinary days just for YOU! where your only to-do is to take care of YOU and put yourself first. Giving yourself the opportunity to turn inwards and reconnect with your body, joy, your passion, your creativity, your spirituality, and your intuition.


Get total Mind, Body, & Soul healing as you retreat in the nurturing and healing energy of Mama of the most spiritual places in the world!.

There's a reason they call it the 'Island of the Gods' this place has a truly magical feel and you will feel the uplifting energy and vibe like no other. Bali is known as a place of transformation, a place of purification, and a place that can elevate your frequency. For centuries it has been known among the local people for carrying funneled energy, eliciting awakening and change.


........begin and end your day, relaxing around the infinity pool, where you will witness the stunning sunrise and sunset as you gaze at the magnificent mountains and views of the jungle.....sip on the fresh exotic fruit juices and detox juices, whilst the gentle warm breeze caresses your skin and the orchestra of nature sounds around you will soothe you into deep relaxation!...........

Why Bali you ask?


Bali holds something special beyond the beautiful culture and the spectacular nature. Bali is Indonesia’s spiritual centre and one of the world’s most vivid centres for spirituality, self-discovery, eliciting awakening and change. It is known as a place of transformation, a place of purification, and a place where you can elevate your consciousness and vibrational frequency. 


Bali is an energy vortex formed by its two large Ley Lines which intersect and have great power and energy and are believed to carry high-vibrational energetic information.  These Ley Lines pass through six sacred sites on the island.  Bali is essentially the ‘World Purification Centre’ the location where the energy of the planet gets cleansed and therefore in the cleansing and rejuvenation of our own soul and body as well. 


Bali captures you and takes you through a process of releasing the old and ushering in the new. It is also a place that amplifies all your emotions and experiences. It confronts your deepest truths. The journey is cleansing and purifying in nature and guides you back to the energy of your heart and spirit.  You leave Bali feeling like an entirely new person!  


When you visit Bali, even if you don’t come with any intention of diving into the spiritual elements of Bali, chances are, you will still feel the beautiful energy and power of the island in one way or another.  It is hard to ignore the power, even if you don’t necessarily believe in these types of things. 


Ah.......the magic of Bali!! Let me tell you more.........

Each day through your journey of self healing, you will experience transformation through energy healing, meditation, yoga, transformational breathwork journeys, chakra clearing, shamanic journeying meditations, sound medicine healing, inner child healing, mantra chanting, massages, and powerful rituals.

Everyone needs healing in some way or another.  As human beings, it is inevitable for us to have acquired some sort of ‘baggage’ over the years. Everyone accumulates preconditioning from external elements as children and as we evolve into adults it is our duty to unbind this preconditioning and baggage. It is our journey to become aware of our internal makeup to avoid manifesting things we don’t want in our lives, running on autopilot.

Once you start the journey of self healing, you begin the journey back to yourself, stripping the layers of all the conditioning that block you from remembering your essence, your power, and your divinity. So join us on the journey, as we gather together as women, in an intimate sacred space and call back our power through ritual and sisterhood. 

So come step away from your comfort zone as we travel together to a new land, beginning a brand new journey on a quest to uncover the medicine we seek, remembering how to become our own healers as we grow through our darkness and learn to alchemize it into the light.

This is a journey of: 

Embodiment, Self Love, Healing, Awakening, Sisterhood, Voice Activation, Heart Awakenings, Energetics, Divine Feminine Energy, Sensuality, and Boundaries.

Check out the amazing pics from our recent retreat in Bali October 2022..........

This Retreat is for you if you...............


  • You want to learn the best self-love practices out there.

  • You want to improve all the relationships in your life.

  • You want to learn how to love, accept, and embrace yourself unconditionally.

  • You’re ready to raise your vibration through the roof!

  • You need a break from everyday life to spoil yourself.

  • You feel like you've lost a part of yourself.

  • Your life has become stagnant. You feel uncertain about what you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life.

  • You're feeling stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

  • You're living a 'SHOULD' life instead of a 'WANT TO' life

  • Burnt out or on the verge of burnout, exhausted to the core from constantly doing, doing doing, working long hours, with no end in sight.

  • Frustrated because it’s like your life revolves around other people’s expectations, not your own. Feeling you don’t have a choice and you must conform to others’ expectations of you.

  • Afraid of disappointing people so you keep pushing yourself to do more even when it feels like you’re running on empty.

  • You feel anxious and stressed out?

  • Finding yourself thinking, “Is this it to life!” Is this my life? Why am I here and what should I do with my life.”

  • Lacking self-belief that you can change your life.

If you answered YES to any of these, then this retreat was made especially with YOU in mind…

…that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE 'Embodied Awakening'


It’s 9 days of adventure, a deep spiritual journey, through the five facets of your being!.  Experience transformation by pressing reset on your life....... something we ALL desperately need after these past couple of years!


This carefully curated experience was designed for YOU that will be life-changing!




  • IMMERSION experience into a spiritual journey

  • Dive deep into your inner world and awaken from within

  • Detox your mind, body, and energy body

  • Emotional Empowerment to release unprocessed emotions

  • Somatic Breathwork

  • Embodiment practices 

  • Shamanic Journeying to deeply heal

  • Daily sunrise yoga

  • Daily guided meditations

  • Energy healing through the Chakras

  • Powerful sessions on self-love and inner child healing

  • Learn how to self-regulate your nervous system

  • 5 full-body Balinese massages

  • Water purification ceremony at a sacred temple

  • Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi

  • Relax in healing natural Hotsprings in Lake Batur

  • Cacao Ceremony with sensual dance

What YOU are going to walk away with......

  • Personal & spiritual transformation, through the five facets of your being 

  • A sense of inner peace and contentment

  • A feeling of connection to something larger than oneself

  • A sense of newfound purpose or meaning in life

  • A desire to learn and grow spiritually

  • A feeling of being guided by a higher power or presence

  • A sense of being more present in the moment and less reactive to stress

  • A desire to live a more authentic, values-driven life

  • Newfound self-love and a sense of inner peace and happiness

  • A feeling of being more connected to others and to the world around you

  • A sense of liberation or release from complexes and negative patterns or behaviours

  • A feeling of increased clarity and insight into your own life and the world


Are you ready to be part of this?............Read what our previous participants of the Bali Retreat have to say..........


Mai-Kee Tsang (UK)

As soon as I knew Sukie was running an in-person retreat in Bali, I knew I had to jump on board

I’ve worked with Sukie in various ways for energy healing, and I’m always in awe of her endless knowledge, and more importantly, I have true appreciation and respect for the fact that she is the true embodiment of all she teaches. 


The mind, body and spiritual connections we had with ourselves and with our fellow retreatees brought up so many breakthroughs that was both an honour to experience myself, and to witness in others.


The degree of care and intention she infused into our retreat experience was so far beyond anything else I’ve ever seen, and she’s truly set the bar sky high. 


So I have no doubt I’ll be coming back to Awaken My Soul in Bali again and again with Sukie, and each time I’ll be bringing friends ☺️

Retreat Venue & Accommodation


Just north of Ubud, Bali this hidden gem lies and is a perfect place for you to experience a spiritual awakening. Steeped in culture and enhanced by magnificent views of the mountains and jungles and relax the senses to experience peace and tranquillity.  

Come and discover the hidden paradise of Bali where you will be spending 8 fabulous days at this stunning private boutique resort that will take your breath away, where you will feel a constant sense of peace and serenity, within the orchestra of nature sounds all around.  You will be in awe of the stunning views of the mountains, jungle, and valley. The second you step foot on the resort you will feel like you have entered an enchanted forest, surrounded by nature and rock and water pools. 

Each room has a sitting area and a private outdoor bathroom.

Plunge deep into Bali's spirit while renewing your own soul. The mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of paradise. Who wouldn't fall in love? You will spend spent a lot of your trip in awe and wonderment of this beautiful Island.


Nourishing Meals & Drinks


Indulge in mouth-watering Indonesian and Western cuisine.


You will have a private chef to prepare nourishing healthy gourmet meals which include, raw, vegan, and vegetarian delights of Bali at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  These will be prepared to order from an extensive selection of Balinese, Indonesian, and Western cuisine, made with some fresh, organic locally-sourced ingredients.  Unlimited tea, fresh coffee, herbal/fruit tea, and water. We start our day with a hearty cooked breakfast and then enjoy a mouth-watering 2-course meal at lunch and 3-course meal at dinner.

We first start our day with a morning detox drink, turmeric tonic, aloe vera detox juice, and think pink.  


OMG! - Register me now please!

Meet your Retreat Hosts


Join Sukie and Michelle on this 8 night, 9 day awakening and transformational journey. At the retreat, you will bring all aspects of our MIND, BODY, and SOUL together. You will go on a deep journey within to HEAL and GROW to find inner peace and inner freedom

"I am here to gather all the women that are aligned to say 'yes' to the awakening and evolution of their souls.  I am here to build community, sisterhood, and connection"


About your guide - Meet Sukie 


I am an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher RYT200, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Somatic Breathwork Coach, and EFT Practitioner. I integrate all these modalities into the Retreat, for deep multi-faceted healing experience of embodiment awakening, transformation, and deep spiritual healing.

I have been on my spiritual and healing journey since 2007 after suffering from depression my entire life and two profound burnouts, which shut my mind and body down.  I made it my mission to escape my darkness. I dove deep into studying the true meaning of life and began to take control of my happiness like a full-time job. I found myself totally absorbed in every self-improvement book, seminar, retreats, podcast, blog, yoga, meditation, and building my spiritual toolkit. If it has anything to do with personal empowerment or living life to the fullest, I learn it and then live it!

I turned my life around, one day at a time, and realised that life isn't so bad after all. It's actually an entirely magical experience where we can be, do, or have whatever we want!


Once I relearned the truth of who I really am, a powerful creator of my own reality, and learned radical self-love and compassion, it profoundly changed my life! From my own experiences and awakening, I have learned that we will always be our best teachers. "Our greatest challenges become our greatest teachings"

Michelle (co-facilitator)


Michelle is a Psychotherapist, Yogini, Plant Medicine & Energy Healer. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade and is a ThetaHealer, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher.


Michelle is a deeply spiritual person who has spent the past 15 years exploring various aspects of healing. Her journey in the healing arts began out of a personal desire to create positive change in her own life. She has first hand experienced Burn Out, Post-partum Depression, Anxiety and Substance Misuse. As she navigated going back to school for her Masters, a career transition, motherhood, divorce and single parenting she discovered not only traditional talk therapy but other healing modalities like Breath-work, Yoga, Running, Floating, Reiki, Cold Plunging, Sobriety, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Forest Bathing, Prayer, Chanting and Music. She now leads a life full of peace, joy and meaning. Having walked the path herself, she knows first hand how challenging it can be to create the change we need in ourselves and in our lives. Her purpose now is to support others and to walk alongside them as they heal. 


During the day you will find Michelle working as a Psychotherapist in her private practice in Vancouver, Canada. She primarily supports helping professionals, creatives and solopreneurs experiencing Stress/Burn Out, Anxiety, Addiction and PTSD. She approaches the work of deep inner healing through a holistic, spiritual and trauma informed lens. As a Psychotherapist she utilizes Psychedelics, EMDR, Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems to support her clients.


To learn more about Michelle please view her website:






Shared double room with two separate beds and ensuite bathroom. 

(only 2 rooms available)



Private Room with ensuite bathroom. 


Luxury Suite with lounge area 


(only 2 rooms available)


Luxury Suite with lounge area 


(only 2 rooms available)


  • 8 Nights 9 days private ensuite accommodation 

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including daily detox juice, tea, coffee, and water

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation, Energy Healing Breathwork journeys, shamanic journeys, sound healing

  • Embodiment workshops

  • Water Purification ceremony at the Sacred Water Temple

  • Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi

  • Hotsprings in Lake Batur

  • Spa Day including treatments

  • 5- 60 minute Balinese massages

  • Transportation to and from excursions 


  • Roundtrip Airfare to Bali, Indonesia

  • Transfer to and from Airport

  • Souvenirs, laundry, etc 

  • Pre and post-retreat accommodation.

  • Travel Insurance (medical, COVID-19 coverage & trip cancellation) MANDATORY! to protect you in case of any unforeseen emergencies

  • Travel Visa to Bali (approx 35 USD)

  • Gratuities &

Please enter your details in the Registration Form below if you would like to book your place on the Bali Retreat 

Sukie will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you have any questions then please email 

Bali Retreat Registration Form
October 13 -21, 2023

Booking Terms and Conditions



A £300 non-refundable initial deposit will secure your spot on the retreat or you may choose to pay in full.


50% of the remaining balance is due April 2023 and the final remaining balance is due August 2023. Payment plans are available, please email me at to set up a plan that is flexible for you.


Please do not book your flight until you have received a confirmation to do so. You will be provided with instructions on when to arrive/depart.

A Welcome Pack will be sent 30 days prior to departure and will include the retreat Itinerary, recommended packing list, and trip details.


Please note, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Initial deposits are strictly non-refundable.

  • If cancelled 90 days before the Retreat start date, your initial deposit may be transferable to another retreat.

  • If cancelled 30 days or less prior to the Retreat start date, 100% of the Retreat price is forfeited, 

  • It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation.  No one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.



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