You know deep down that you're meant for something bigger and better.......

Discover the Authentic You!

Create a life you desire and dream about

Overcome any obstacle standing between you and what you want

Become the best version of the woman you most want to be!

Live a Soul Aligned Life!

YOUR Life has Purpose!

YOUR Happiness Matters!

YOUR Dreams Count!

YOUR Voice Matters!

YOUR Time to Play Big!

Change the way you think and feel and you begin to change your world.

In today´s hectic world, we have disconnected from ourselves, our true state of being. This separation is the root cause of most of today’s emotional, mental, and physical health issues. 

Once you understand and trust the scientific truth that you can rewrite the energetic flow of our internal psychological, physiological, and emotional systems, what is then possible for you is only limited by your mind.

Success in your life and career is shaped from the inside out, to find deep inner happiness and outward success you must begin from WITHIN. 


Happiness, success and growth comes when you are in alignment.


There's no way around it, you may have chosen the 'conventional' ways of living and 'traditional routes' of career and expectation OTHERS  may have had for you! OR you may have been forced to conform to society's norms and not followed your own dreams and purpose because of practicality.  Eventually, you start feeling like there's something missing in your life, even if it may look like you have everything you need from the outside.


The missing link is to surrender to the guidance of your own inner guide, YOUR SOUL!. This is what you’ve been longing for!


I'm here to unite you with your highest self, your deepest truth, and your ultimate inner calling in life. From this place, and this place only, you can truly begin to live a Soul aligned life, full-time.


I'm Sukie, a Mindset Coach, Energy Healer & Meditation Teacher.

I quit the corporate grind and left a successful career as a lawyer to pursue a life and business I once only dreamed about........ BEST DECISION EVER! and now, I help other women do the same.


You have the power to guide your own emotions and energy into alignment, find balance and reveal your true self 



What happens when you access this power is that you strip away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, stress, fear, and limiting beliefs. You learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level and no longer numb your emotions, or silence your inner voice (which I call your Soul) which is just reaching out for love, and for you to show up.

I’m determined to help you shatter these invisible blocks and subconscious patterns by providing you with strategies and a practical framework that will empower you to be mindful and heartful of your emotions and therefore, your energy.  When you begin to get back into alignment, you find balance and reconnect with your Soul, ultimately your Soul is the true essence of you, your inner being – it is the truth of who you are.

Alignment is when you move with the energy of that which is most authentic to you and where you reveal your true self from a place of self-love, intuition, and self-awareness.  What happens when you get alignment is you take inspired action to guide yourself towards a place of liberation, fulfillment, happiness, and abundance to design a life you love. 




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Get my heart opening & purpose meditation to shift your energy and get some clarity on your future vision




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