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Sacred Renewal Retreat 


Somerset, England

3rd -6th May 2024

Are You Ready to Embark on a Sacred Yogic Journey?


Immerse yourself in transformative 4 days in the Heart Chakra of England for a soul-nourishing Sacred Renewal Retreat that will deepen your practice and elevate your spirit.


Experience the divine sacred energy of Glastonbury as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth through nature, hiking, yoga, meditation, sound healing, devotional chanting and a cacao ceremony.I


IMAGINE..…….4 extraordinary days just for YOU! where your only to-do is to take care of YOU and put yourself first. Giving yourself the opportunity to turn inwards and reconnect with your body, your spirituality, and your intuition.


Get total Mind, Body, & Soul healing as you retreat in the nurturing and healing energy of Glastonbury of the most spiritual places in the world!.

This place has a truly magical feel and you will feel the uplifting energy and vibe like no other. Glastonbury is known as a place of transformation, a place of purification, and a place that can elevate your frequency. For centuries it has been known among the local people for carrying funneled energy, eliciting awakening and change.


Step away from your to-do list to nourish and replenish yourself in a lasting way.  Each day will bring you soul nourishing yoga, meditation and sound healing to help you step away from your busy life and bring you back to your self

Meet your Retreat Host



Hi I'm Sukie


Your dedicated guide, retreat leader, and guardian of all things wellness.  It is with immense joy, that I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me during our upcoming retreat in the Heart Chakra of the of our planet Earth.


As a Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer, I’m passionate about the healing power of energy and sound.  I’ll be weaving these sacred energies into our retreat experience, nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. 


As a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Breathwork Facilitator, I believe in the magic of surrender and the beauty of stillness. Together, we'll delve deep into yin practices, allowing you to explore the profound connections between your breath, body, and emotions.


My purpose as your retreat leader is to create a sanctuary of tranquility where you can truly unwind, explore, and rejuvenate.


Together, we'll embrace every opportunity to delve into self-discovery, self-care, and self-love. The journey ahead promises to be one of connection, growth, and pure bliss.


Why Glastonbury you ask?


Glastonbury holds something special beyond the spectacular nature in the English countryside.

Glastonbury is a pilgrimage site in south England and has gained a reputation as a vortex of sacred energy, a hub for ley lines due to its alignment with several significant historical and spiritual sites like the iconic hill Glastonbury Tor, and Chalice Well known for its iron-rich red spring water, the Abbey and nearby Stonehenge.


Imagine a web of invisible energy, like a cosmic highway connecting landmarks across the Earth. These are ley lines, pathways supposedly holding unique energy or power. Believers in ley lines suggest that these pathways channel healing energy, creating sacred spaces at the Tor and Chalice Wells.


Some consider Glastonbury a vortex of spiritual energy, promoting personal growth and awakening. The ley lines are thought to amplify this energy, aiding seekers on their spiritual journeys.


Are you .............. 


  • In need of a mind-body reset?
    Give your mind, body, and soul the reset and self care that is long overdue, which is essential for your long-term health and wellbeing.

  • Ready to raise your vibration? 
    learn tools to raise your vibration to gain and experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, joy and optimise your physical health. 

  • Ready to refill your cup?
    Step away from that to-do list and give yourself some well deserved
    'me time' to nourish and replenish yourself in a lasting way.


  • Desiring to live a healthier happier more peaceful life?
    Uncover Sukie's secrets to thriving
    , wellbeing and awaken the source of peace and joy within you.


If you answered YES to any of these, then this retreat was made especially with YOU in mind…

…that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE 'SACRED RENEWAL RETREAT'


It’s 4 days of a deep spiritual journey!  Experience transformation by pressing reset on your life....... something we ALL desperately need!


Come as You Are………

Leave Refreshed and Renewed


Are you looking to take your yoga and meditation practice to the next level?


Then you’re invited to join us to embark on a 4 day transformative journey of profound self-discovery through restorative yoga, meditation, sound and energy healing, breathwork and mantras for a full mind-body-spirit reset.  



  • IMMERSION experience into a spiritual journey

  • Dive deep into your inner world and awaken from within

  • Detox your mind, body, and energy body

  • Daily Yin Yoga and Divine Feminine yoga flow

  • Daily guided meditations

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Energy healing through the Chakras

  • Daily Sound Baths

  • Relax in the Spa (separate booking and additional cost for treatments) 

  • Indoor heated swimming pool and steam room 

  • Silent Hike up the sacred hill 'The Tor'

  • Optional Psychic/Tarot card reading with psychic/medium/priestess (pre-appointment required and additional cost)

Yoga Child's Pose

Daily Yin &

Restorative Yoga

Experience mindful movement with Yin Yoga a slow-paced, meditative version of the spiritual discipline of yoga. In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time to target the connective tissues (such as the ligaments) rather than focusing on the muscles, for joint and bone health and strength.


The yin poses are passive and done while seated or lying. The poses are held with the muscles fully relaxed, allowing time and gravity to deepen the stretch and target the fascia. The time spent holding these asanas allow for deep self-reflection and meditation.

Daily Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different sound healing instruments to improve our well-being where all layers of our energy field (body, mind, soul, spirit) are awakened gently and lovingly.

The sound vibrations of the sound healing instruments penetrate deep into the tissue. This improves blood circulation and metabolism, regulates muscle tension, and deeply stimulates the tissue where regeneration and repair mechanisms are stimulated.  

The oscillation, or resonance, of molecules, triggered by the sound vibrations cause alternating compression and relaxation of cells. It is, in effect, a form of massage at a cellular level deep within the tissue.


Daily Meditation, Breathwork &

Mantra Chanting

Imagine meditating among these sacred energy vortexes to enhance and deepen your meditation practice. Feeling a tangible resonance, as if the Earth herself is speaking to your core. Find clarity, peace, and a reconnection with your inner self. 

We will be using meditation and breathwork techniques to enhance your intuition and open your third eye. 

Devotional chanting of personalised mantras will cultivate calm, compassion, and clarity. 



Cacoa Ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony is an ancient spiritual ritual drinking ceremonial-grade cacao a gentle heart opening plant medicine honoured in ceremony.  Cacao is a catalyst for healing work and self-exploration and has many amazing qualities that support health and psychological well-being. She is a powerful Plant Medicine that helps us release emotional blockages that no longer serve us

This sacred ceremony is an opportunity to feel the depth and power of cacao plant medicine for developing your connection with your soul, increasing intuition, sensuality, and opening the heart.


Elevate your whole life with the magical healing power of cacao, to connect deep within yourself, and open your heart. Opening our hearts gives you feelings of radical self love, healing and compassion, all of which are associated with happiness and bliss. 

Together, we'll embrace every opportunity to delve into

self-discovery, self-care, and self-love. The journey ahead promises to be one of connection, growth, and pure bliss.

Retreat Venue & Accommodation


In the South of England this hidden gem lies and is a perfect place for you to experience a spiritual awakening. Enhanced by magnificent views for you to relax the senses and experience peace and tranquillity.  

The cottages are nestled in the quiet countryside, surrounded by nature, an early sixteenth century Grade II listed farm.  The original farmhouse and outbuildings have been restored and enhanced to provide a range of comfortable accommodation, using natural stone and timber the interiors of all cottages are a blend of old and new.


The cottages are surrounded by unspoiled beauty of the Somerset countryside, boasting views of Glastonbury Tor and The Mendips. 


On site there is a farm shop, restaurant, spa, yoga room, swimming pool, and steam room set within sixteen acres of apple orchards, paddocks, and gardens. Located at the base of Glastonbury Tor and a short distance from Glastonbury town.

There is free high-speed internet and free on-site parking. The property also features an electric car charging station. The cottages will provide you with private bedrooms and bathrooms, a lounge area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining area.

The Cottages

Each of the three cottages are self catering with fully equiped kitchen, lounge, shared bathroom or ensuite. 

Cottage One


Cottage Two

Cottage Three




Self Catering Cottages with fully equipped kitchen, there is a farm shop on site and cafe

Cottage One - Sleeps 5 





Cottage Two - Sleeps 3 


£489pp (SINGLE ROOM)


Cottage Three - Sleeps 2


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Choose to either cook your own meals in the fully equipped Kitchen with fridge and microwave in the Cottage.

You can buy your supplies from The Farm Shop which is open 7 days a week, offering a range of fresh local produce and gifts. It sits alongside the Middlewick Café which offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, coffee, cakes, snacks, local produce, and much more.

There is indoor and outdoor seating.


Your evening meal can be ordered from the cafe to eat in your cottage. 

In addition to the regular menu, there are daily specials using seasonal produce that comes from the gardens at Middlewick. 

Enjoy organic coffee from a local Somerset roast house.  There are also over 12 different types of tea to choose from plus local cold drinks including beers, wines, and ciders.  Their cakes are homemade or have been sourced from local makers.  All food and drink is available to takeaway as well as to dine in.

There are food options for those with dietary requirements.  


See Menu below:


I want to go!! - Register me now please!


Please enter your details in the Registration Form below if you would

like to book your place

on the Retreat 

Sukie will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you have any questions then please email 

Sacred Renewal Retreat Registration Form
3rd May - 6th May 2024

Booking Terms and Conditions



A £100 non-refundable initial deposit will secure your spot on the retreat or you may choose to pay in full.

Remainder of balance due on 31st March 2024 


Please note, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Initial deposits are strictly non-refundable.

  • If cancelled 30 days or less prior to the Retreat start date, 100% of the Retreat price is forfeited, 

  • It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation.  No one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.


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