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4 month 1:1

Coaching Programme


Ready to create a fulfilling life?


This 4 month, deep intensive program is my signature package. My private one to one coaching over zoom and telephone. 

My coaching process takes you through 4 phases of the inner work that you do 

Phase 1

Waking Up - You will find yourself arriving at this phase relatively unconscious of what is driving your current behaviors and results in life.  We manage our lives intellectually, in other words, we are stuck in our heads and disconnected from our hearts. 

We will go through all the different segments of your life and discover what needs to change.

Phase 3

Taking the leap - The next step for a life of deep satisfaction and meaningful purpose, is actually taking the leap, this means going beyond the safety that your ego keeps you in and surrendering to the guidance of your inner voice.


We work on building your confidence and get this soaring to get you out of your comfort zone and quietening the voice of your inner critic.

Phase 2

Digging Deep - We will explore how and why we do what we do. This is where we create change at the level of identity, there are 5 other layers we have to peel away at to then get to your core purpose and identity.

Phase 4 

Entering the flow - Where you realign mind, body, and soul and get back into alignment, find balance, and reveal your true self.   You will reconnect with your Soul, ultimately your Soul is the true essence of you, your inner being – it is the truth of who you are.

Alignment is when you move with the energy of that which is most authentic to you and where you reveal your true self from a place of self-love, intuition, and self-awareness.  So you can take inspired action to guide yourself towards a place of liberation, fulfillment, happiness, and abundance.

I give my clients effective strategies, a road map, to guide them to create a healthy mind, body, and soul and to help uncover their gifts and talents and this is done by a client going deep.  Part of the coaching process is meditative coaching and breathwork, where I help my clients achieve a state of meditation within themselves, to get them out of your head, into their hearts.  It helps them come out of their mind and draw more fully into their body and become more aware on a deeper level as it raises awareness and they become more fully available in the process.  

So what happens when you combine meditation with coaching is that it will help to accelerate the coaching process to really enhance and deepen the experience for you.  It takes more than just mental effort to create breakthrough effects, meditation helps you to break through because you become more aware on deeper levels within yourselves, because it raises your awareness and brings you closer to your authentic self.

My Soul to Grit Framework is what will take you through each of the 4 phases


This is how your Journey will start.....

Your Journey Begins at the SOUL level......... developing Self-awareness, Oneness, Uncovering your blocks, and Self Love.


The first place to start is to get aligned with the REAL YOU, reconnect with your Soul and your own inner voice and build on your intuition muscle.  Our Attention is usually outwardly oriented and focused more on the physical world around us than the world within us.  We may feel hurried, irritable, and stressed out with the daily grind of life and dismissing our Soul calling out to slow down and reconnect.

We tend to manage our lives intellectually.  In other words, we get stuck in our heads, keeping ourselves preoccupied with juggling responsibilities in order to manage our lives on the surface.  Whereas underneath all that we feel empty, hungry for meaning, restless, stuck, and somewhat lost.


You need to learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level so you no longer numb your emotions, silence your inner voice that was asking for love, and for you to show up.  

This is where we work with your energy system and bring your awareness to how it is affecting your mind, body, and spirit and how your energy system correlates with the results or lack of that you see in our life.  We work with your energy center, healing, and balancing which is fundamental to your holistic wellbeing and success in any area of your life.  

At the same time, you start developing GRIT

What does it mean to have Grit? 

To have grit means you have courage and show the strength of your character.  The dictionary defines GRIT "as courage and determination despite difficulty"

This is where the growth happens.......and you start FEELING and THINKING differently.  Growth, building Resilience, find Inspiration, and end your journey with the Transformation you were looking for!!

In my coaching, I help my client's completely rewire their mindset and ingrained patterns which gives them motivation and confidence to push out of their comfort zones, which helps facilitates change in any area of their life.

As you are going through the Soul to Grit Journey we set goals for you to get started with your passion business or dream career!

Your coaching journey requires your commitment; It will take determination, patience, and courage. You will need to be open and believe in the power of being vulnerable. You will need to prioritise yourself and show up 100%, be honest, transparent, responsible, and accountable for your actions. If you are willing to show up and do the work, the journey to a fulfilled happy life will be worth it, and you will get the lasting transformation! 


My Commitment to you:

  • We are a team and in this together on a journey to get really clear on what you want.

  • I will hold your hand and give unwavering support and direction.

  • I will provocatively question your assumptions and beliefs about what’s possible for you.

  • I will listen to you, challenge you, and I will never judge you.

  • I will hold you accountable to take the actions you say you want to take to change your life, and together we’ll work through any blocks that come up.

  • I will guide and gently push you out of your comfort zone.

  • You will have access to all my strategies, tools, and resources to help you achieve your results.

What the 4 month coaching journey includes



Initial 2 hour ‘Clarity Session’ that will give you deep insight into understanding your current mindset and discover where you are now and where it is you want to be by the end of the coaching journey, to gain clarity and to create a strategic plan to get you there.



Two 90 -minute 1:1 coaching sessions per month with me, by zoom, phone or skype



Customised weekly exercises to deepen your learning and create powerful change.



Unlimited Email access for support, questions, encouragement and accountability  - In between sessions.


Phone Support up to 15 minutes once per week.  I am available during business hours via phone or text message.

This allows for support, questions, encouragement, or clarification on follow up work, or if you are stuck.


Pre coaching session form (so there is clarity on what is going to be covered in your session) and post evaluation form (so you are focused on what you need to do and the steps to take in between sessions).

SOUL to GRIT Programme is a lifetime investment of 


Payment plan also available 



*Discounts on any of my Retreats

*Pay in full and get one extra month coaching customised to you & can be added at the end or within 6 months of completing this program.

Ready to start changing your life? 

SOUL to GRIT  Framework


This is where your inner world and outer world become aligned.

Self Awareness

First, you start by going inwards, prioritising self-care, and looking at external factors that are contributing to your unhappiness and burnout.  


Give yourself a gift every day to be loving, connected, and present. This is the foundation of juicy, deep self-care. Listening to your inner self, your authentic self, stripping away any, emotions, thoughts, feelings, or sensations that don’t serve you.


You need to spend time discovering all the different parts of you and cultivating awareness, and new levels of consciousness.  We uncover how your values drive you with the values elicitation exercise.

We work with your energy body, your chakra's will be healed and realigned, so you will feel energised and balanced.

What's keeping you stuck are invisible blocks which we must heal on an emotional and energetic level.



Reconnecting with your soul, quietening the mind, and learning to listen to your own inner voice and tuning in with your intuition. We need to embrace our intuition, which is the guiding force in our life.

Getting in touch with your intuition can help you align more closely with your most authentic self.

​When you’re in alignment with your intuition, you feel positive, energized, expansive, balanced, in control, peaceful, empowered, grateful, loving, optimistic, and have more clarity.  


All the obstacles standing in your way, belief systems and fears that are holding you back or keeping you stuck.  This starts with clearing what is holding you back and healing your emotional and energy system.

You strip away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, stress, fear, limiting beliefs, and toxic energy. 


Healing work is done by bringing body, mind, and energy together to release limiting and unproductive patterns of the past and replace them with new habits and behaviors. 

This is where we do the shadow work, it is a form of self-examination and introspection. When working with the shadow, you have moments of awakening that lead to greater authenticity, creativity, and emotional freedom.

Love yourself first

Learn why you need self-love and how to become a high vibe woman, energetically and emotionally.


Self Love is the key to unlocking your greatness.  Self-love towards yourself and to recognise that you deserve more will give you empowerment and liberation. Transform the relationship with yourself using the power of putting yourself first. Self-love feeds your soul and emotional well-being. You will go through exercises to build self-love and confidence to understand your priorities, and to heal your heart.

This shift will began to ripple over into other aspects of life and relationships. 


Develop a new mind and a new mindset. This is where you get the mindset makeover!  the belief systems that are blocking you change are removed from the deep soil of your subconscious mind and plant new beliefs, your mind will be rewired. 

Make success and abundance your new normal and ditch scarcity thinking, unworthiness, and money worries once and for all so that you can create, receive, and maintain true abundance in your life.


We work on building your self-confidence and self-esteem so you step into your power.  Changing your beliefs to invite greater opportunities into your life.


Learn to understand the subconscious mind, Building emotional resilience and turning negative emotions into positive ones, and building on your emotional intelligence. 

Our emotional health and emotional intelligence is an intrinsic part of a healthy lifestyle to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.   

Emotional intelligence is the understanding and mastery of your inner strength. Why you feel, respond, and make the decisions in the way that you do.

Emotional intelligence is one of the key determinates for success! it is now considered by many as being a greater indicator of success and fulfilment than your IQ.

Build your resilience muscle to manage overwhelm, stress, and anxiety with ease and overcome adversity


This is where we redesign your life, the word inspiration is derived from 'in spirit' ation, which means this is the truth of who you are and what your mission, your Soul's purpose or passion is.

This is where we dive in deep to find your purpose, but that word is so overused, I like to call it your 'Zone of Genuis' or 'how to find your gift', 'your unique value'

Develop the skills to create an environment that supports you to set goals you’re inspired by and to take action, if this is to start a passion business, then we work to together to launch, by finding clarity and taking you from the 'Think Up' stage to the 'Set Up' stage to launch of your business.


You then start manifesting and actualisation of (really big or small!) visions and goals using tried and tested techniques.

Be in alignment with yourself to find clarity, focus and purpose, to live more meaningful relationships, and achieve vitality in life.


YOUR END RESULT to create a fulfilled life, career, or business that feels aligned with the authentic you, having established a healthy life balance and have a clear purpose and direction to move forward.

Find spiritual alignment with your passion and purpose everyday. This alignment will create a more frequent state of joy.


You feel healthy, present, and confident to move towards your desires and big dreams, you have found the freedom to be uniquely, authentically you…and make a living from it!

You will have left behind that old life, old identity, and redesigned a new one and got your sparkle back?



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