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Ep 062: How expressing gratitude rewires your brain

When we view life from a place of lack, that's how we'll experience it and we tend to create and attract that energy. Shift into gratitude and watch your world change!

How we feel profoundly influences how we perceive our reality. When we feel we are lacking, we look around and see what is not there, on the other hand, if we feel abundant, we can look at the very same situation and see a completely different picture, one full of blessings and advantages. The more we see the blessings, the more abundant we feel, and the more blessings we attract. Gratitude can be your raft that keeps you afloat when you feel like the current of life is all too much for you.

I’ll be sharing:

  • How gratitude literally rewires your brain

  • The #1 reason you should be doing this daily

  • How the Law of Vibration and Law of Attraction plays out in a gratitude practice

  • 3 simple ways to practice gratitude which only take a couple of minutes to do

… and more! Did you like this episode and find value from it?

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