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Ep 061: Why and how clutter is subconsciously sabotaging your flow of energy & manifesting abilities

I will be explaining why decluttering is so important and why you need to let go of what no longer serves you.

How decluttering is the fastest way to clear blocked energy not just in your home but also in your energy system, and how it makes room for your desires to manifest.

When you are working with the process of decluttering you are actively working with the Universe and the law of vacuum to create space in your life to welcome in the new. This is a really magical and miraculous process and when you have done it you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

When you understand the concept of law of vacuum you’ll find that it sparks this new energy and new inspiration for you when you go through the process of decluttering and moving that old energy to make way for new energy, because when you have made that space, you know that you have created space for new things to come your way.

If you’re living in fear of lack and tightly holding on to everything your material possessions, your time, your love, your energy, or your ideas, you’re shutting yourself off from the flow of life.

So, one of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is to create vacuums. Highlights you do not want to miss in this episode: [03.50] - How to make space for more abundance - Law of Attraction at play [04.00] - What decluttering is [05.00] - The way to create more abundance in your life [08.08] - The concept of the Law of Vacuum [08.14] - The 12 Universal Laws [10.00] - The Law of Vacuum explained [10.44] - Decluttering is not just physical also limiting beliefs [12.06] - What happens to energy when you declutter [13.29] - Benefits of decluttering [22.01] - The process of decluttering [26.01] - The 5 different areas of your life you should declutter [39.45] - Releasing on a mental/emotional level [40.30] - Why it's so important to declutter your purse [41.25] - The things that I have manifested after decluttering and activating the Law of Vacuum [42.40] - Decluttering your relationships Did you like this episode and find value from it? If you’re the kind of person who likes to help others or know there are other women who will benefit from listening to this episode then please share this podcast with your family and friends, you can send them this link to subscribe:

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