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Ep 059: BONUS EPISODE! - Manifesting with the New Moon!

We recently had a partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of 19th November and this Saturday on 3rd December, we're about to enter a potent New Moon Solar Eclipse portal.

If you are listening to this episode after the 3rd December, it is still relevant as everything I share in today’s episode, you can apply to every New Moon.

Eclipses often feel intense as their energy can push you into a state of recalibration, release, and sudden change. This is a chance to release, cleanse, and get crystal clear on your intentions for the year ahead.

New Moon eclipses usher in acceleration towards new beginnings, so this is a powerful time to reaffirm your intentions and be clear as to where you wish to place your energy and focus in 2022.

The key takeaways I am sharing in this episode, and you don’t want to miss are:

[1.36] Why I work with the Moon’s energy.

[4.34] Why you should tap into the Moon’s energy for manifestation with the potent New Moon Solar Eclipse.

[5.16] What Eclipses energy usher into our lives and 5 questions to ask yourself.

[5.53] What are the themes surrounding the New Moon.

[7.07] The New Moon is all about intention setting.

[9.43] I talk about what manifesting actually is.

[10.37] I explain why manifesting with the New Moon makes your manifesting abilities soar!

[10.53] If you have tried to manifest and it hasn’t worked in the past, I explain why.

[11.14] One of the most important things to do when manifesting.

[11.47] I explain how to do a New Moon intention setting ritual.

[12.41] The simple answer on how to manifest.

[12.58] Six questions to consider as you are making your intentions.

Listen to my previous episode on ‘How to harness the power of the New Moon to set new intentions and manifest something new into your life’ I take you through a meditation and a New Moon intention setting ritual. Listen here

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