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Ep 056: ‘Chakra Series’ – 7th Chakra – Crown Chakra – Balanced Crowning Glory!

The 7th chakra represents your spiritual enlightenment, your ‘crowning glory’!!

This is the seat of your Inspiration. The primary functions of the seventh chakra are inspiration, wisdom, infinite bliss, oneness with all, connection to the `Divine, and cosmic consciousness.

Your connection to the higher realm of spirit and the Divine originates in the Crown Chakra, also known as the Oneness Energy Center. Located at the crown of the skull, this energy center is the source of not only of thought but of ‘knowing’. An open Crown Chakra enables you to trust in things you can’t see, and an understanding of your place and importance in the realm of the Universe. This energy gives you a sense of harmony between your physical and spiritual well-being and the understanding that your ‘self’ extends beyond your physical body. The 7 Chakra body scan exercise begins at [08.22mins]

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