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Ep 055: Chakra Series’ – 6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra – Balanced Personal Vision!

We are now on our 6th Chakra for balanced expression!!

This is the seat of your intuition also known as your ‘Intuition Energy Centre’. When most people think of the third eye they think of the spot just between their eyebrows on their forehead, this is the superficial activation site of the third eye, the actual third eye chakra is at the very top of the spinal cord, it is at about the same height as that spot between your eyebrows, just further back inside of your head.

The aspects of the third eye chakra are ‘spiritual awareness’ and ‘capabilities of the mind’, this energy centre is associated with sight, not just physical sight, but ‘insight’ and ‘intuition’.

The essence of the ‘Intuition Energy Centre’ is to see, to see things beyond their physical shape, form, or function.

Maintain an open connection to your third eye chakra and its energy to release the wisdom within. This sense of your inner vision is what guides you through life, creating a deep awareness of the physical, the spiritual, and the emotional aspects of life to help you gain manifestation of your goals.

In other words, the third eye chakra is the pulse of your intuition, your ‘gut instinct’ and your wisdom. When this energy centre is healthy, balanced and in alignment, you trust your instinct and understand why you make certain decisions and you act on your internal compass or sense of direction. The Third Eye Chakra meditation begins at [08.00 mins]Did you like this episode and find value from it?

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