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Ep 053: Chakra Series: Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra – Balanced Heart!

The heart chakra is the middle chakra of the seven main chakras. and bridges the lower chakras (which are focused on material/physical matters) and the higher chakras (associated with spiritual matters).

We are now on our fourth chakra, the last three weeks we went through the first chakra – The Root Chakra (Episode 50), the second chakra – The Sacral Chakra (Episode 51), and the third chakra – The Solar Plexus (Episode 52). if you have not started from the beginning, I advise you to go back to these 3 episodes.

It represents the love, compassion, and forgiveness we feel for ourselves as well as those around us. When it’s open, you’re likely to find it easy to experience feelings of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation for all people in your life (including yourself). This is the chakra that influences our ability to give and receive love. This is one of your most important chakras as it needs to be open and in a state of gratitude, in order to receive from the Universe. Did you like this episode and find value from it?

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