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Ep 046: Celebrating Yoga Day - Your guide to different yoga types & which one is best for yo

Today I am celebrating International Yoga Day, which is celebrated worldwide each year on the 21st of June, and it has conveniently fallen on day one of ‘Wellbeing Week’ this week, which also started today, and in honour of that and my own wellbeing, I am bringing you this special episode! As a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher, I want to do my bit to bring yoga and meditation to as many people as possible and show you just how profound and life-changing both can be, and to help you create a realistic practice that fits within the framework of your daily busy lives. I also want to acknowledge the importance of taking the time to invest in your physical health and fitness, as well as the mental, emotional benefits yoga brings to your spiritual growth.

When you think of yoga, what comes to mind? you mainly think about the physical element of yoga sitting or standing on a mat and going through a set of physical postures. Yoga is not just the physical asanas, which are the postures, it is more than that, It is a practice that dates back 5000-year old and provides a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being and spirituality to bring us into connection with the Universal energy that allows us to connect with our soul.

It combines asanas, which are body postures, relaxation, breathing, and meditation with psychological, moral, and ethical practices.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ which reveals the core purpose of the practice of yoga which is to unite your mind and body.

So, if you want to bring health to the body, increased vitality and calmness to the mind, and a greater sense of peace and harmony, incorporate a practice of yoga in your life.

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