Ep 035: DAY 5 - 'Learn To Meditate In 7 Days To Change Your Life!' – Tune Into Gratitude

Today’s meditation is designed to get you into the feeling space of gratitude, and appreciating whatever shows up in your life, this is often so overlooked.

Numerous studies have shown that when you can create feelings of gratitude, interesting things happen to your mind and your body. You experience more feelings of joy, your energy levels go up, you develop higher emotional intelligence, you have more forgiving attitudes to other people, depression rates go down, you experience less anxiety, you sleep better.

It is so important to reflect on things to be grateful for and if you do this gratitude practice daily, you will radically see a difference and feel a rise in your energetic vibration.

Come join us in our private Facebook Group – The Conscious Women Sisterhood, where we will be learning more on this 7 day journey together.

If we are not already connected or you have any questions or would like to share your experience, I would love to hear from you, you can email me on or send me a DM on my Instagram @livingyourdharma

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