Ep 032: DAY 2 'Learn To Meditate In 7 Days To Change Your Life - Witnessing Your Thoughts


In today’s meditation you will be trained to not just witness your thoughts, but actively detach from them. The aim of this meditation is to bring you inwards and to increase your focus and attention.

It’s quite likely that your mind has been busy on day 1 and I can’t emphasise enough how normal this is, some days will just be quieter than others. This is an important misunderstanding about meditation and one of the main misconceptions is that you are supposed to stop all thinking and thought.

Thoughts are constantly cycling through at all times, and we don’t zoom into each and every one, our brain will filter many thoughts throughout the day, they will just come and go, what this means is that we are choosing on some level, when and how we interact with our many passing thoughts.

If we are feeling overwhelmed or needing of more peace, meditation can create the space for us to simply witness our thoughts, not stop but slow our thinking and come more fully into the moment. Understanding how to become a witness of our thoughts can be a bit challenging for us, and today's meditation will help you better understand this concept. Come join us in our private Facebook Group – The Conscious Women Sisterhood, where we will be learning more on this 7 day journey together.

If we are not already connected or you have any questions or would like to share your experience, I would love to hear from you, you can email me on or send me a DM on my Instagram @livingyourdharma

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