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Ep 029: MEDITATION - How to ground and clear your energy and raise your vibration in an instant!


This episode is part of my meditation series, in my last episode I explained that there are so many different techniques of meditation.

Throughout this meditation series over the next few episodes, I will be going through some of the different techniques with you and recording meditations into the episodes so you can get a feel of some different techniques and see what works for you.

Today I will give you an experience of a guided meditation. Grounding is the practice of being fully present and alert in our physical body. Its the process of connecting to our surroundings and keeping our focus on the physical reality

And not just to have a successful meditation practice, but to help you navigate through day to day life with ease and flow and being grounded and centred can also really help with nerves, to really calm you, so if you are about to go into an important meeting, if you have to do a presentation, or having an interview or sitting an exam.

Grounding, which is sometimes also called 'earthing', It’s the physical connection between the electrical frequencies of the human body with that of the Earth's. It's a great addition to any meditation practice is an important practice to help you feel balanced, safe and connected. There are many situations in life that can throw you off-centre and create imbalance. Some of these can include stress, overwhelm, fear, anxiety and if you are particularly sensitive, even other people and large crowds. Thankfully, there are many ways to ground and centre yourself and in this episode I tell you what grounding is, give you some different practices of grounding and take you through a guided grounding and clearing meditation.

Grounding is a technique that brings us into this present moment and awareness to your body and breath grounding you in the present, it is the practice of being fully present and alert in our physical body. It's the process of connecting to our surroundings and keeping our focus on the physical reality.

When your mind is overstimulated and your thoughts are running at a million miles per hour, you cannot reach the deeper brainwave states you need in order to reach the subconscious or get into the meditative state when meditating.

You might feel like you can’t switch off, your energy is pulling you in many directions, you may feel scattered, almost like your body and your mind are both separated, and your body is doing one thing and your mind another, it can leave you feeling quite depleted. If all this is going on for you, you may find it hard to sit in meditation, as you might be feeling agitated and feeling tension in your body, feeling disconnected, feeling heavy dense energy in and around your body and with all these discomforts, your meditation practice will fail and this is why so many people give up after a few weeks. The Grounding and Clearing Meditation begins at [17.14]. Find more meditation resources on my website and on my instagram @livingyourdharma

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