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Ep 028:Frequently asked questions on how to meditate

This episode I am talking about the FAQ specifically about meditation, which will help you incorporate a successful meditation practice into your life. These are the most common questions:

1. Monkey Mind!!, I try to mediate but I can’t stop my thoughts?

2. What if I fall asleep?

3. When is the best time to meditate?

4. How often should I meditate?

5. How can I have the best experience in meditation?

6. What am I supposed to feel when meditating?

7. How should I sit?

8. Should I have my eyes open or closed?

9. How should I breath?

There are just so many questions, so I thought I would take a range of the most frequently asked questions and to address them directly, not only to put your mind at ease but also to create the awareness to start or strengthen your meditation practice.

If there are any other questions that you have and I have not answered, I will happy to answer any, you can email me at or DM me on Instagram @livingyourdharma

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