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Ep 027: Why meditation has been my greatest teacher! & my greatest gift! & why you should meditate

In this episode, I talk about why you should meditate, how meditation changed my life, and how it can change your life too, and why I decided to become a meditation teacher.

I also take you through the benefits it has on your mind, body and soul and what you need to do to incorporate meditation in your life and how to keep a consistent practice.

I teach you what meditation is and what meditation isn’t. How to learn a basic meditation technique that can get you started, and the two crucial tools you need to become a successful meditator.

Meditation and mindfulness can be tools to living a conscious, richer, more meaningful life and discover pathways to a radiant heart, a clear mind, and connection to your soul.

Meditation is easy to learn, and the most available personal developmental tool on the planet and its free!!

Make meditation your greatest teacher and your greatest gift you can receive to live a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life and become aligned with your Soul.

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