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Ep 024: Design Your Dream 2021-Part 2 How to quickly manifest your desires with 3 simple steps!

There are 3 simple steps to manifest anything you desire, these are 3 key ingredients to achieve any goal. I talk about what it takes to have a strong desire backed with a strong belief and then take you through a powerful visualisation process to connect with your desires and bring them to life! Unachieved goals are a result of poor mind management, so learn how to get into the right mindset! If you want to come back to the meditation only, it starts at 19.00 minutes where I start with explaining the process of the power of visualisation.

In order to manifest anything, a promotion, money, a relationship, whatever it is. You must have these 2 ingredients to start with and that is a strong desire backed by a strong belief, both have to co-exist together.

Connecting to a strong desire from your inner being, is when you get super clear on what it is you want and making sure that the reason why you want it is coming from your truth and not from a place of fear.

The second key ingredient is having strong beliefs to back that desire up, here’s what I mean, firstly you must state what it is you want but you want to really really want it! it’s got to create a fire in your belly when you think about it, you can’t just choose what I call a lazy desire “some more money would be nice?” come on you have to want it as badly, have a strong desire and a compelling reason why you want it, then you’ve got to shift your current beliefs to match your desire so that they’re aligned. For example, if you want to manifest that work promotion but you believe that you are not good enough and you think there are others who are better than you or more qualified, that isn’t going to cut it, that’s misalignment! You can’t have a strong desire without the strong belief or vice versa and expect results, the two must co-exist.

So first it’s having a strong desire, a strong desire that’s birthed from your higher self and what I mean by that is that when you think about that desire it resonates so deeply it feels like the truth of your soul and creates a fire in your belly, not like “yeah I’d like a promotion, or I’d like more money or a nice car! no that is not the way you are going to get it! You really have to connect with it.

Having poor mind management and negative beliefs is where a lot of people fail at achieving their goals and desires. You must then get your thoughts in alignment with your desire and what I mean by that you must adopt thoughts that drive you in achieving your goals, you must get to a place of certainty in your mind that it’s as good as done, you are 100% capable, its 100% without a doubt happening, you can’t achieve a goal if you don’t think it’s possible, if you don’t believe you have what it takes, or you believe that there are way too many obstacles standing in the way. You may have excitement and determination when you dream about your desires or set your goals, but that determination will quickly fade if you have beliefs like “I don’t think this will work, I’ve never been able to do it in the past, it’s really hard, I’m not sure I have what it takes.

Mindset is everything! If you don’t know how to manage your thoughts, you will end up quitting before you actually start. It’s imperative that you get your mind working with you, if your beliefs don’t change and shift and evolve your results will not shift, change and evolve PERIOD! Think about all the people in the world who have never seen their dreams through, It’s not that the dream is impossible it’s because they think that their dream was impossible.

Failed goals and desires are a result of poor mind management, your behaviours and your identity. When we don’t manage our mind you will default to fear based thinking. Fear takes on many forms, self-doubt, overwhelm, procrastination, resistance, confusion, all that mental chatter our inner critic uses keep us from achieving our goals.

Your inner being, your SOUL already has this thing that you want, its born from a frequency where there is limitless possibilities and true abundance, it says to you “I’m here, feel it, this is your destiny” and when you come from that place from your inner being, from your truth, your soul, it feels so good, your inner being is simply waiting for your brain to catch up but we ignore those signs so many times through fear and ego.

So you need to change your thoughts on what is possible for you, you are 100% worth of your desires, you are 100% deserving, the only thing stopping you from you achieving your goals is your own mind, and your limiting beliefs.

If you would like to download the free workbook that goes along with Design Your Dream 2021 where I take you through the process of setting powerful intentions for your desires, and this is what you need for Part 1, you can click on the workbook below:

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