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Ep 023: Design Your Dream 2021-Part 1 Setting powerful intentions

Hello Beautiful souls, Happy New Year to you all and hello to 2021.

So 2020 was an extraordinary year for us all, I don’t think anyone was immune or exempt from it, everyone was impacted in one way or another.

So now you might be wondering what 2021 holds for you? What are you calling in? Are you making resolutions? Are you setting intentions for the year ahead?

This is a beautiful way to prime your brain, to prime your body and to prime your connection with the Divine so that you can co create your dreams with the universe.

You might be thinking whats the point of setting any goals as we can’t make any plans as there is so much uncertainty with the pandemic and are we ever going to get back to some sort of normality any time soon, but actually this is even more reason why we should be setting goals and achieving them, and turning your dreams into a reality because what this pandemic has taught us us that tomorrow is not guaranteed and one thing that we do is put off our dreams and goals and say one day I will do them, I just don’t have the time now. But believe me when I say “LIFE REALLY IS TOO SHORT” and the whole world has had an awakening.

Yes there will be certain goals that we may not be able to achieve in the short term because of restrictions that have been placed on us, but that isn’t stopping us plan them and to look at our long term vision and bigger goals, 3 years, 5 years away!

We have no excuses at the moment for not spending more time on ourselves and our goals this year, because if there is one thing the pandemic has given us is TIME! and the biggest excuse people use for not setting and achieving goals is that they don’t have TIME!, they tell themselves, “I’m too busy I don’t have the time”. Well that’s no longer is an excuse!!!

SO I am breaking up ‘DESIGN YOUR DREAM 2021’ in this episode we are setting our goals and intentions and next week we solidify them even more by walking through a visualisation exercise.

Another thing I want you to do is to be clear with your goals, so say you have a goal to lose weight, don’t just say, “I want to lose weight”, say “I want to weigh (whatever that is) or I want to lose 20 pounds” “I want to be 10% body fat” get very clear, the more clearer you are the more likely you are to hit that target.

So many women are afraid of going after their dreams, of investing in themselves and in their visions.

This is the number one most powerful question you can ever answer for yourself:

What do I want? and ask this question for all 9 life categories.

Now here are the ground rules don't judge your list just write it all down from the top of your head, be it small or large. I always also include larger desires, you're not being selfish or shallow by wanting what you want, just give yourself permission to state those yearnings all out loud or on paper. If time, money and limiting beliefs didn't get in the way, what do you want?

These are the 9 categories of your life I want you to explore:

1. Career 2.Financial & Income

3. Relationships

4. Health 5.Family & Homelife 6.Networth & Materialistic Things

7.Personal Development

8.Spiritual Life

9.Fun & Experiences

AND REMEMBER I DON’T WANT YOU TO SAY TO YOUR SELF “BE REALISTIC” tell your ego or your inner critic to shut up and take the back seat! I want you to really come from the heart. So from the soul, through to the heart and onto the paper.


So one final thing we are going to do to wrap this up is when you think about this whole year ahead, if there is one theme? what would that be for you?

If there’s one theme that you want to live in and if there is one theme you’re looking to cultivate, if you had one theme or one word for 2021, what is it, what’s your word for 2021.

Choose from the words below and if you want to have your own that isn’t on the list you can have that too.

Once you settle on your word, I want you to write it somewhere where you will see it every day, I want it to be your mantra, you can even make it into your screen saver on your phone, there’s a free app that you can use to create a photo in 2 minutes called ‘Word Swag’ you can make a screensaver with that and save it as a photo on your phone.

How many times do we touch our phone in a day, so every single time you will touch your phone it’s a reminder, it’s an imprint, a reminder to come back to your word, to come back to that theme and that quality you are looking to cultivate in yourself for 2021.

To download the workbook that goes along with Design your Dream 2021 you can click on the workbook below:

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