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Ep 015:How to overcome fear and find your Soul's purpose with Tina Anderson

Today I’m excited to share Tina Anderson’s wisdom on this topic of ‘Fear v Love’, which is such a pertinent and important topic in not only living as a Conscious Woman but living in light of all the uncertainty we’ve been suddenly thrown into.

We may be feeling a lot of fear and anxiety and things might seem scary, but that’s not a reason to postpone stepping into our Soul’s purpose and manifesting our dreams. 

Tina will share some ways to overcome fear and takes us through a couple of exercises, and in one, she gives you a very important and very powerful question that could change your life! She also takes you through how to recognise Fear-Ego versus Love-Soul Journey and why you should be careful of the 'traditional standard' approach and what to do Instead.

We all have the potential for living with meaning and purpose even with everything falling apart around us with the current circumstances that we are facing.   2020 has been an interesting turning point for many of us and there are so many opportunities in front of us, but how many of us will take this obstacle as a detour in the right direction. 

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You can find out more about Tina Anderson and what she does at her website and more about her Unchaos Yourself Programme here and join her community here

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