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Ep 012: Harness the power of the Moon for manifestation & releasing what no longer serves you!

October 2020 is going to be a very intense month as we have 2 Full Moons and a New Moon in one month which is a very rare event, it doesn’t happen very often, this cycle comes around every 2.5 years, so it’s a very special month.  If you would like to call in the energy of the Moon to assist you with bringing healthy changes into your life, manifest your desires, let go of what no longer serves you and take care of your body, you need to learn how to work the energy of each lunar phase in the month to benefit you.

The Moon works in distinct ways on the earth and most felt and seen on Full and New Moon days, when she moves the tides of the ocean and allows our emotions more easily to surface. 

So we are kicking off October with a bang with a Full Moon on the 1st October the New Moon on 16th October, another Full Moon on 31st October. 

 So, today let’s dive deep into that Moon magic and what I am going to talk about is 

·       How and why the Moon affects us.

·       What each lunar phase means and how to make the most of it for manifestation and releasing the old.

·       How to harness the energy of the Moon to get the most benefit.

·       What you should and should ‘NOT’ be doing when its Full Moon.

The Moons energy depending on its phases (or faces that we see in the night sky) these can affect our energy, emotions, mood, our menstrual cycle, and even our sleep.  So how can we harness the Moon’s energy and have the awareness on how it is making us feel and act?

Women have a profound connection to the moon because In astrology, the moon is considered female, and can affect our emotions, and monthly cycles. 

We are affected by her pull; we feel powerful under her gaining energy and strength from her presence and It's all a matter of learning how to live your life by each moon phase. 

These different "faces" are the result of the way the Sun lights the Moon's surface as the Moon orbits Earth. 

The Moon can only be seen as a result of the Sun's light reflecting off it, as it does not produce any light of its own.

Join me for my 31 Day Moon Challenge where we will be working with each lunar phase and holding a Full Moon and New Moon rituals and meditations for manifestation and releasing the old!! We begin on the 1st October to 31st October 2020, over in my private facebook group ‘The Conscious Women Sisterhood’ You can join here: Or by going over to my website

If you feel anyone else will get benefit from joining, please send them the link. 

I look forward to going on this 31 day journey with you. 

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