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Ep 011: How to surf the secret power of Yin and Yang for optimal productivity and flow in life!

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, stressed, burnt-out, stuck, lost, or misaligned, then this is the episode for you!

So many women feel frazzled and depleted these days and life seems to pull us in hundreds of different directions all the time, because of all the different hats we have to wear in one day! If that's you, you're probably feeling burned out and overwhelmed?

I am super excited about our guest on the show today who is a soul sister of mine! Chris Brandwein, Chris is a Lifeline Practitioner who uses 14 different healing modalities in her practice and the productivity queen!

Today we talk about mindfulness and productivity, surrender v giving up, and dream journaling. We also talk about how to surf the secret power of Yin and Yang for optimal productivity and flow in life so you no longer feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism, and how these opposites are complementary and interconnected.

The Yin and Yang is all about balance between two opposites, and this is something many of us struggle with, is finding balance in our life. One of the reasons you are craving more balance is because you are operating day to day from your more dominant energy, so either your masculine energy or your feminine energy.

Is masculine or feminine energy your strength? Do you even know?

Yin refers to the feminine energies in life, and yang refers to the masculine energies in life.

Mindfulness and productivity can seem like quite a paradox and in today’s episode you will learn how to combine the two and get a harmonious balance for maximum output without feeling like your life is like running constantly in a hamster wheel and feeling exhaustion and burnout.

And In todays' hectic world, we have disconnected from ourselves, our true state of being and this separation is the root cause of most of today’s emotional, mental, and physical health issues.

This is a fascinating topic and even If you only apply one of the approaches we talk about on this episode, is a step in the right direction, where constant searching outside of yourself ENDS! and is replaced with the deep joy of being present and going inwards where living ‘consciously’ becomes your natural state.

The podcast episode I mentioned in this episode are:

Episode 8 - Is feminine energy or masculine energy your strength? And how you can balance them, and;

Episode 10 – How the power of Journaling can help you find your inner voice and help you heal & transform

If you are interested in the Dream Journaling course Chris has taken you can get it here:

The books Chris mentioned are:

Dying to be me - Anita Moorjani

Letting go - Stephen R. Hawkins

You can learn more about Chris Brandwein at:

Come and hang out with other like-minded, high vibe women in our community of Soul Sisters in my ‘The Conscious Women Sisterhood’ private Facebook group. There I deliver even more value, run free training coaching and guided meditations, and lots of other free resources to help you elevate your journey to becoming a Conscious Woman. The theme for September is learning all about the chakras.

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