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Ep 005: 5 Ways To Live Consciously And Reconnect With Your Soul

Today I talk about 5 ways to live consciously and reconnect with your Soul.

So how do you live a conscious lifestyle?

To live consciously means that you're creating your life consciously rather than drifting along passively. It means you are aware of your true desires and you're able to direct your energy to realization of those desires.

Do you ever have a feeling that you’re drifting through life, and not going where you want to go? Or that you don’t know how you got where you are today?

Living consciously is about taking control of your life, about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought, about having a life that we want rather than settling for the one that is expected of us.

Deciding to live consciously could be the single most important thing you do.

Are you living unconsciously now?

Ask yourself the following questions … if you find yourself saying yes to many of them, you might want to consider trying conscious living:

1. Are you in a job that you fell into rather than the job you want?

2. Are you doing things that are given to you rather than what you love to do?

3. Are you spending your time doing busy work rather than what you want to do with your days?

4. Do you wish you could spend more time with loved ones?

5. Do you find yourself wasting your time doing things that aren’t important rather than focusing on completing the things that are important?

6. Do you go through your days not thinking about what you want out of life and how to get it?

How to Live Life Consciously is not something you can change overnight, its a lifestyle, a skill, an art. It’s not something you do just once, but a habit that you can form for the rest of your life.

It sounds simple, but it’s amazing how few people actually do this, and it’s amazing how easy it is to live life on autopilot, and just do what we always do because that’s what we’re used to doing. And it’s easier that way, even if our lives are difficult.

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