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Ep 004: The #1 Tool to transform your life and you already have this tool!

Today I talk to you about something that has really made a profound impact in my life…. if not the biggest impact in helping me transform my life from being depressed, depleted, burnt out and feeling lost, aimless and wondering is this…. as good as it gets… creating a life and business of my dreams and living in total alignment with my Soul’s purpose.

I share with you the number one tool I used to transform my life. I also go through some of my life story on how I used this tool to make some of the biggest…. life-changing decisions in my life that I have never regretted, just wished I had done it sooner! In this episode you’ll hear:

·     What it is to look for when you are feeling disconnected in your life. ·     What the #1 Tool to transform your life. ·     Why I quit my corporate job as a lawyer. ·     How I took the leap of faith to quit and follow my dreams. ·     Why you must make self-love and self care your number one priority! ·     How I found my purpose and how you can find yours too. ·     Why so many women are afraid of going after their dreams, of investing in themselves and in their visions. ·     The number one most powerful question.. you can ever ask yourself……. ·     I take you through my 4 steps ‘TUNE IN’ Exercise.

To download the PDF workbook for the 'TUNE IN' Exercise click here

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