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Ep 003: How to manage fear and anxiety in uncertain times

Fear and anxiety is something that many of us battle with on a regular basis and not just because we are in uncertain times, but these are 2 emotions we are guaranteed to feel and experience in times of crisis and change.

In today’s episode, I take you through a 15 minute guided meditation.  This is a powerful clearing and grounding meditation that will help you clear your energetic field of any of the fear or anxiety that is around us and to release it.

I think a lot of us are experiencing fear and anxiety as we don't know what's ahead.

It's natural to feel afraid, so don't believe that you're weak, don't believe that there's anything wrong with you 

But you do have to see it as:

an opportunity to grow.......

an opportunity to evolve.......

an opportunity to reinvent yourself...... If you would like to come back to the guided meditation I take you through in this episode, you can find it at this timestamp: [07.53] Guided Grounding & Clearing Meditation You can download just the mediation track on my website:

If we're not connected on Instagram, I would love to see you there:

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