Ep 007: 'MINDSET MINUTES' What to do when you are battling Logic v Emotions


I’m bringing you a real quick short episode today, this is something I have created that I will call “Mindset Minutes” and these episodes are going to be short and sweet, around 10 minutes long, in addition to my usual weekly episodes. The core focus of these episodes will be mastering your mindset.

They will be a bitesize episode where you will take away some value and a quick win to apply to your life straight away.

So the purpose of me creating these “Mindset Minutes” is to give you one quick win, a gem, something you can take away and apply to your life straight away and remember it.

So today I’m talking about what to do when you are facing the battle between your Logic versus Emotion. You may think it's logic that has more power and influence over the decisions we make in our life and the experiences we have, but in fact it's emotion that have more power, listen to find out why.

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