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Ep 001: Welcome to the Conscious Women Podcast

In this first episode learn about the inspiration behind the creation of the Conscious Women podcast, who it's for, and what to expect in the upcoming episodes. I explain my SOUL to GRIT framework, a holistic approach to transformation, fulfilment, and living a Soul aligned life. Creating this podcast was a great big audacious goal that I set over a year ago, and it took a while to bring it to life! because I was too scared to step outside of my comfort zone! and my inner critic and fear had a lot to say in bringing this passion project to life! This podcast is not just for me to share my voice but to help other women find theirs and to step into their power and up level their life to become a QUEEN!  We have never lost our voice, but just merely silenced it, or it’s been silenced!  This is for all the mothers, sisters, and daughters (that I never had, but if I did I would have raised them to become a Queen in her life!) LIVE A LIFE TRUE TO YOURSELF! becoming more conscious and self-love are the core ingredients to the realization and importance of embracing your own unique path!  Limitations only exist in the mind, every morning we have 2 choices, continue to sleep with our dreams, or wake up and chase them!!!  

My Mantra for life is “Live a life that is going to make your SOUL dance inside your body! The link where you can get the resources mentioned in this podcast is the 'Beginners Guide to Meditation' and my 'Heart Opening & Purpose Meditation' to shift your energy and get some clarity on your future vision: If we're not connected on Instagram, I would love to see you there:

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