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My Coaching Packages

Do you feel like its too late to start over? or you think you don't have it in you?


No matter where you are in your life, career, business, health or relationships... It’s NEVER too late to begin creating a life you love. 

Do you want to change your beliefs to invite greater opportunities into your life? Maybe you have dreams and goals, but somehow things aren’t working out as you’d hoped? Or worse, maybe you’ve stopped believing that the life you’ve always wanted is even achievable? Self doubt is crippling you, lack of self confidence and FEAR stopping you?

If your answer is “yes,” then its time to redesign your life.

Its time to stop and give yourself a life assessment, are you living the life your truly desire! living life with your soul's purpose? 

To find the fulfilment you’ve been looking for, there’s only one place to look and that Inside YOURSELF.  Practice self care and prioritise YOU!



Personalised 1:1 Coaching

Fulfilment Coaching Series

We’ll set inspiring goals and intentions in the very first session, so you’ll know exactly what you are focussing on and working towards.

Minimum of 3 months (2 sessions per month).

1 x pre-coaching questionnaire

1 x clarity call (30 minutes)

2 x coaching sessions per month (up to 60 minutes), every 2 weeks

Worksheets & resources throughout

Unlimited email / voice message support throughout

Investment: £225 per month.

Sessions carried out by phone or Zoom.

Personalised 1:1 Coaching


  • Initial 2 hour ‘Clarity Session’ that will give you deep insight into understanding your current mindset and discover where you are now and where it is you want to be by the end of the coaching and what obstacles are standing in the way of your success.

  • Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per month, working on the areas personalised to you. 

  • Pre coaching session form (so there is clarity on what is going to be covered in your session) and post evaluation form (so you are focused on what you need to do and the steps to take in between sessions).

  • Unlimited Email access for support, questions, encouragement and accountability  - In between sessions.

  • Customised weekly exercises to deepen your learning and create powerful change.

  • Access to my newsletters and blogs with tips on inspiration and motivation.

  • My personal commitment to your success.

  • Discounts on my workshops and other events.

I will personally coach you, tailoring each of our sessions together to your unique needs. This coaching experience is incredibly powerful and allows for you to receive customised support, from anything between 3 months to 12 months.
How I use NLP in my Coaching
I coach and guide you through change using a combination of advanced and proven NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) strategies to work collectively with your conscious and influential unconscious mind.

My program to empower you to overcome your challenges!

You will go on a journey of self discovery and redesign your life and live with Soul and Grit. 

Are you feeling excited about your future, or are you frustrated and fed up that you are not where you think you should be in your life?

Following your dreams is scary!  I get it because I was there..…   the path is paved with all of your fears and so much uncertainty, this is what stops you moving forward.

Are you confident in your gifts or do you compare yourself to others and think you could never be like them?

Do you feel like you are living your purpose or are you feeling overwhelmed and letting your fears get the better of you?

There is no better investment than the investment you will make in yourself.

I  know you have a BIG vision for your life and are committed to living that vision with SOUL.

The problem is, a lot of us don’t really know who we are, let alone know how to shift and transform ourselves powerfully; and that’s why we don’t get the results we’re after.

Details Of What You Will Learn :

  • Tap into the truth of who you are.

  • Discover your unique values and gifts so you can feel confident in who you are and stop doubting yourself.

  • Discover your uniqueness and tap back into your core truth and soul.  

  • Discover your core identity and come from a place authenticity and live your life true to your core values and purpose.

  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs and any other obstacles and change them into empowering beliefs.

  • Learn the main reason why you are still struggling with frustration and feeling stuck and how to stop letting other people’s expectations control your decision making.

  • How to stop letting your fears control your life!......fear of failure, rejection and other common fears which are keeping you in your comfort zone.  The comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there!

  • Discover how to build self confidence.

  • Discover the connection between your thoughts and habits so you can take clear, positive action steps.

  • Build a stronger connection with your intuition.

  • Learn the powerful steps to bust through insecurities and gain confidence.

  • Learn about Emotional Intelligence and how to become Emotionally resilient. Mindset work is key to your success, they say it takes 80% mindset and 20% action to achieve whatever it is you want. 

Are You...........

  • Feeling like your corporate career is running you instead of you running your career?

  • Hitting upper limits but still feeling unfulfilled?

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed ALL the time?

  • Neglecting yourself because you have given your life to your career and you're overworked and burnt out?

  • Living your PARENTS DREAM!, a career they wanted or forced you to have and now you realised it making you miserable?

  • Hating your job, but feel stuck in it and don't know how to get out?

  • Feeling like the corporate world has created your identity, feeling boxed in and too rigid with the way you think?

  • Compromising your overall wellbeing? your physical, mental, and emotional energy, and your health is declining?

  • Being overrun by your mindset to the point that you're sabotaging yourself and sacrificing your dreams?

  • Struggling with knowing what steps to take to manifest your vision?

  • Thinking you don't know "what to do" or "how to do it" which is causing you to procrastinate?

  • Craving to do something more meaningful in your life?

  • Feeling fears and uncertainty and scared of moving forward?

  • Dreaming to start your own business but don't know where to start?

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