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What is Meditation Coaching?

Image by JD  Mason

“Relax the body – it heals, observe the mind – it calms, connect in consciousness – you become whole”

Meditation is the doorway to your SOUL, and once you walk through the door, you discover a whole other world and journey beyond the physical. 


How is your meditation practice going? Have you been putting it off or are you finding a few minutes of quiet each day?


It's common for people to put off meditation until they have the "time" and "right space" to meditate, but the truth is, life is always busy and hectic. There is no perfect time to start meditating.


Daily meditation is a life changer, hundreds of scientific studies have proven that meditation radically improves our wellbeing, both psychologically and physically, these studies show that people who meditate perform better professionally, feel greater empathy, and experience greater physical well-being. Meditation meaningfully increases the quality of your life, allowing you to experience greater connection and joy.

There are numerous definitions for meditation, but what it comes down to is decluttering the mind and experiencing a state of peace and joy.  Meditation is not a fad or a fashion that will pass; it is not an exercise in concentration and self-control.  Meditation is a path to awaken to beautiful states of sustained joy, empowerment, and optimism. I do not need to list the innumerable benefits of meditation, there are soo many and to learn more, download my guide in the 'FREE RESOURCES' page


The clarity you receive from meditation helps to dispel the daily emotional chaos, overwhelm, and the regular demands of work and life. It not only releases stress, but it also improves every aspect of your life.


Understanding your own vibration, energy, and life force is a game-changer for developing personal power and truth. When you can go deeper within yourself and begin to feel your own life force, you can begin to understand what is you versus what is not, helping you to create contrast begin activating your power of choice.  This is where you can then start choosing to align with your truth and authenticity. 


I would say that from all my personal development, meditation has been one of the biggest life-changing practices I have implemented and is one of the most powerful tools I use in my daily life.

I use many different techniques in my guided meditations which are very powerful and will take you on a deep healing journey working with your energy system.

Should you wish to incorporate your own meditation practice outside of our coaching together, I will help you if you are struggling with meditation, feel frustrated, feeling like giving up, or you just need some accountability.  Or you simply want to deepen your practice. 

If you are struggling with meditation, a meditation coach can help you discover the source of your frustration and remedy it. Perhaps you’re missing some key fundamentals or missing pieces of meditation instruction that a coach can easily identify. Many times people just need a little comfort, reassurance, and support in the practice, and to know they are meditating correctly, even if they don’t always feel that way. Another reason is accountability and discipline as it’s difficult to be consistent when incorporating a new practice.

If you have hidden or swept unwanted past events or emotions under the rug, or have distracted yourself from uncomfortable memories or feelings, the quietness and stillness in meditation have a tendency to bring these to the surface. This can be very scary for most people as now that they’ve surfaced, what do you do with them? The first thing to realise that whatever shows up, has come for healing. A meditation coach can introduce you to different techniques to help you work through the discomfort in a loving and nurturing way. it is due to unresolved emotions going unchecked and not knowing how to deal with them.

There are four ways that meditation can help to accelerate the coaching process.  Overall meditation helps to enhance and deepen the coaching experience for you:

1.   It cultivates presence in both the coach and the client. So often we are in our heads, meditation helps us to come out of our mind, to draw more fully into our body, and come from a place of intuition and be fully available to the process.

It takes more than just a mental effort to create breakthrough effects for clients. It raises our awareness, and we have unconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, negative feelings that meditation helps us to break through because we become more aware on deeper levels within ourselves.

2.   It brings us closer to our authentic self. We build up so many unconscious layers as guards or walls that get built up as a kind of unconscious protective mechanism, and with the meditation, a lot of the noise, and the inner walls tend to come down, and it allows us to be freer.  It allows us to tap into our true North, and it's from that authentic self, place that you're able to achieve a lot more. You feel safer to be vulnerable and to express your true self, your true desires, your real fears, and you become much more effective at getting to the source of what you need to coach on. 

3.   Meditation creates ease and relaxation for both the coach and the client.  Think about how you feel when you are anxious, stressed, feel rushed; do we make our best decisions when we are in this state? When we're relaxed, when we feel free, calm, and centered, we make our best decisions. Meditation creates inner space so you can easily access the innermost answers and wisdom.

4.   Meditation helps to accelerate the coaching process in that when both the client and coach are in a state of presence and a higher state of consciousness (higher awareness or expanded consciousness).  From quietening the distractions and noise in your external world, you learn to hear yourself more and express yourself from your deepest level.

As a  trained and certified Active Consciousness Meditation Teacher (200hrs) and Reiki Practitioner, through my guided meditation and breathwork sessions, I work with your energy system and bring your awareness to how it is affecting your mind, body, and spirit and how your energy system correlates with the results or lack of that you see in your life.  Healing your energy system is fundamental to your holistic wellbeing and success in any area of your life.  

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