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Come join me on a 3 day Reset Your Soul Retreat  


14th to 16th February 2021


21st to 23rd February 2021


Are you ready to press pause on your busy life and take time for you?relax, discover, and reconnect with your true self? then join Sukie and other women in this sisterhood for a 3 day intimate immersion of rejuvenating and deeply nourishing your MIND BODY & SOUL! at this retreat in the Cotswolds.

The Location

Dumbleton Hall - The Cotswolds

IMG_6574 2.jpg

Dumbleton Hall Hotel is an impressive traditional Cotswolds Manor House set in 19 acres of private gardens and woodland with its own lake. This 19th century country house provides the ideal base from which to explore the rolling hills and hidden valleys of the Cotswolds.

Set in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by stunning views this impressive mansion offers a warm welcome with its magnificent oak-panelled lounge, comfortable bar and restaurant.

This is your time and space to rest, heal and restore after what has been a most challenging year for many. 

There is time between practices to enjoy gentle walks in nature or maybe just some quiet solitude time.

Suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome – just bring your heart and spirit




1pm onwards – Arrival at Dumbleton Hall

2pm – 3pm – Welcome & Circle Time
3pm – 4pm – Free Time

4pm- 6pm – Session 1- Introduction to the Energy Body, Meditation, Yoga and Yoga Nidra
7.30pm – Dinner



8am- Breakfast
9.00am – Meditation, Yoga & Circle time
11am – 11.30am – Free time
11.30am – 1.30pm – Meditation, Yoga & Circle time

1.30pm – 3pm Lunch & Free Time

3pm-5pm – Meditation, Yoga, & Circle time

5pm – 7.30pm – Free Time
7.30pm – Dinner 


8am- Breakfast
9.00am – Meditation, Yoga, & Circle time
11am – 11.30am – Free time
11.30am – 1.30pm - Meditation, Yoga, & Circle time

1.30pm – 2.30pm – Lunch

2.30pm – 4.30pm – Walking in Nature Meditation

5pm – Depart to go home


I will be taking a maximum of 5 women on each retreat in accordance with the current Government guidelines of rule of 6. This allows the yoga mats to be distanced safely at 2 metres. The same will apply to the circle space.


Dumbleton Hall is full UK COVID Safety and full details will be sent out upon booking. 

In the event of the retreat needing to be postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 then a full refund will be offered or a chance to move your place should the retreat be postponed.


This Retreat Includes:​  ​

  • 2 nights,  3 days accommodation in a beautiful countryside manor house.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Chakra Healing sessions 

  • Meditation, yoga & circle sessions on all 3 days


£329* for double occupancy (twin rooms)

£449* for single occupancy

*Deposit of £100 to secure your place, balance due on 1st February 2021 




If for covid-19 reasons the retreat has to be cancelled or postponed, a FULL refund will be issued, or you can move your place to the postponed retreat date



This Retreat does not Include:​  ​

  • Travel to and from Dumbleton Hall

  • Any food or beverages outside the meals above

I'm so ready to go to The Cotswolds 

What will you experience at the Retreat 

Reset to Soul Alignment Retreat is a journey through your energy body and chakra system.  The goal is to learn the different aspects of the 7 main energy centres in our body that govern our physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of self.  To unblock, heal, repair and align all 7 chakras.

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on a whole big part of your life?

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re all work and no play?

Maybe feeling burnout?

Maybe you feel like you’re spending all your energy on helping family and friends?

Maybe you have just been feeling like your life is a record on repeat, where every day feels the same?

These are all examples of imbalances in your chakras that are playing out in your life.  When you have a gut feeling that you’re not yourself, it’s because you are experiencing some kind of imbalance.

Unblocking, balancing and aligning your chakras is essential to your progress.


Arranged in a logical sequence, the chakras are the gears that run the vehicle of your body as you travel along your Soul’s journey.  If you explore even more deeply, the chakra system describes the architecture of your Soul.


Chakras are swirling vortices of life force energy, aligned along a central channel through the core of your body.  Learning to “hold your centre” is the first step in activating your chakras. Yet there’s so much more to learn about unblocking, balancing and maintaining a healthy energy flow while facing the many challenges of life.

Chakras are the energetic pipes that bring water into every part of your bodily house. A blockage or leak in your energetic system can impact the entire system resulting in emotional and physical imbalances.

As we grow up, we routinely and unconsciously create constrictions in our chakras. For instance, if we assert ourselves and are punished for doing so, we might close down our third chakra (the power centre), which inhibits our sense of power in the future.  All our chakras are impacted by limiting beliefs we don’t even know we have. 


This is what I call ‘INVISIBLE BLOCKS’.  That’s how our psychology, which we associate with our mind, gets tangled up with our energy system and body. Traumas, fears and negative experiences can lead to long-term imbalances in your energy system that can then manifest as negative, deep-rooted feelings and emotions, chronic stress, and even disease.


I experienced so many energetic blocks and learned that that they came from my self limiting beliefs, most of which we don’t not even realise that we have. Once I started working with my chakras,  I was able to unblock, clear, balance and align them. 


Understanding the chakras and life force, along with mastering tools you can use the rest of your life, can help you reclaim your vitality, manage your emotions, activate your power, open your heart, expand your creativity, uplevel your vision for your life, and elevate your consciousness.

So how do we get from imbalanced to balanced?

Each chakra influences a different area of your life and when that chakra is strong, its corresponding area of life prospers.

But what happens when a Chakra becomes blocked through negative energy and self-defeating thoughts?

Its corresponding area of life suffers.

“In other words, your life is a reflection of your chakras”

So if you're wondering why you've been sabotaging yourself.

Or why you've been struggling or feeling frustrated with where you are in life.

Or you just feel ‘stuck’ and don’t know why, then this remarkable approach to chakra healing could change everything for you.

Deep energetic blocks that would normally take weeks of energy clearing work, will be dissolved in 3 days on this retreat through deep meditation, breathwork and yoga designed specifically for each chakra.

Plus, you'll find yourself with the clarity, productivity, creativity and energy you need to perform at your peak and be the best possible version of you in every area of your life.

Awakening and aligning your chakras will help you overcome any challenge, so you can achieve, manifest, and experience anything you want:

From transforming your financial struggles into liberating wealth and abundance. 

To helping you finally break free from that soul sucking job, and stepping into your dream career.

To healing your relationships, and giving you amazing friendships and romances. 

To turning your self-doubt and negativity into unbreakable self-confidence.

To even helping with weight loss and illnesses, and giving you a healthy, fit, youthful body and much much more!

Well, that's precisely what happens when you know the right way to nurture and balance your Chakras.

And trust me - you'll have plenty of people pointing out how much you're GLOWING with positive energy! By the end of the retreat when you go back home.


Your Retreat Leader Sukie 

Mindset Coach, Meditation Teacher,

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher  & Energy Healer 

Sukie is passionate about inspiring women to stand in their power, through personal development and personal wellbeing.   She lives by her highest values of freedom and inner peace, choosing yourself first and loving yourself first is essential to enhancing all your relationships.  She is guided by a vision she summons from deep within herself to help other women to become leaders in their own lives, teach them how to express themselves with confidence and authenticity.


She shows them how to reclaim their voice, find their vision and make things happen, that they can only dream of. Her coaching focuses on empowering women to find the needed clarity, commitment and courage through mindset work, energy healing and meditation, so they can find their True North! and live a Soul Aligned Life!

I'm so ready to go to The Cotswolds 

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