From overworked Lawyer to Soulpreneur!

I have made it my mission to help women get their SPARKLE back, find the courage to

"GO FOR IT" and design a life they truly desire.  So they can create an aligned, purposeful, freedom based lifestyle

Are you feeling unfulfilled, stressed, burnt-out, stuck, lost, or misaligned?

Then you're in the right place.


So many women feel frazzled and depleted these days. Life seems to pull us in hundreds of directions all the time. If that's you, you're probably feeling burned out and overwhelmed.

I get it.

I've been where you are...


I gave my life to my corporate career, and everything else took a back seat, I was stressed, exhausted and felt stuck in a rut!, I went from a job I loved to losing my spark for everything in my life and hated going to work.  I knew my life was meant for something more than just this, feeling so disconnected from myself and that nagging voice in my head that just would not go away saying "is this it, is this life?" 

Before having my own aligned and purpose-driven business I have today, I had a career as a lawyer. I worked in the corporate world for 16 years, before I decided to create a business and lifestyle my soul craved.

All I had was a laptop, a vague idea about how to actually run a business and an unshakeable desire for a life of more freedom, joy, and fulfillment. I was sick of suffering in the rigid corporate lifestyle and I knew my true talents were being wasted.  So, one beautiful day I found the courage, took a GIANT leap of faith!, and handed in my notice to follow my passion, personal development, and live out my dreams!

“I believe you must go within if you want to thrive in today’s world, in a holistic way, find alignment and bringing balance to Mind, Body, and Soul”

A little bit about me......


My life was designed and handed to me by my parents and I lived that life for 34 years under all the myriad of identity labels and expectations everyone else in my life had for me.  


The expectation my parents had for me was to have an arranged marriage, a husband they chose for me, and to have no other ambition other than being a dutiful wife and mother. I wanted to go to Univesity but my parents told me "Indian girls don't study"  I was married at 19 and mother to 2 sons by age 22.  I was surviving on expectations and cultural norms.  My light inside me was slowly dimming, I was depressed, felt stuck, empty, unfulfilled, and miserable in my life and marriage. To fill this void I started part-time study through Open University to qualify as a lawyer, which wasn't encouraged, however, I was able to take the emphasis off my course as I didn't attend university as it was all done online, so no one knew my end goal.  I would study early mornings before work and late at night, which felt like pushing a boulder up a hill and my studies never spilled into my day to day life, but after blood, sweat and tears, I qualified as a lawyer and embarked upon a career I thought would make me a happy and successful woman.

Fast forward  8 years, I was feeling even more depressed and miserable in my life and marriage, and then one day I said "enough is enough! I'm done!" and I found the courage to walk out of that life and redesign a new one……..

Here I was aged 34, a divorced, depressed single mother whose life had just crumbled around her, but this heartbreak and feeling worthless turned out to be one of the greatest gifts of my life!!!.......... I wanted to be the best mother and role model for my boys.  I hit the ground running, had a successful corporate career which I gave my life to!.  From the outside in it looked like I had the perfect happy life, but that was far from the truth! Something was missing, I was living with guilt and shame of the divorce because again the expectation of culture was no matter what, you make a marriage work, but I had gone against the grain and I was suffering from expectation hangover! I distracted and suppressed all my emotions by throwing myself in a career.

Fast forward 6 years, I was living a corporate nightmare! Constant stress and burnout, working 10-14 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week.   I was miserable and unfulfilled! I realised I had become institutionalised in a corporate bubble. I lived heavily in my masculine energy and pretty much disconnected from my feminine energy which gave me no balance.

And for what?


To trade FREEDOM for money, and HAPPINESS for status!?

I had a moment right out of Elizabeth Gilberts's memoir and later movie 'Eat Pray Love', where I looked around at my perfect life, and realised I was completely and utterly unhappy!!


How had I gotten here?


To my logical and rational mind this seemed ridiculous - wasn't I in a career that most people only dreamed of???

Instead of dealing with this knowing,  I distracted myself by keeping busy and saying to myself, this job will get better and I invested way too much to achieve this.

I didn’t see myself as creative, I thought emotions were a weakness and I associated completely with my mind, looking for logical evidence (outside myself!) as to why I should leave something I had spent 11 years at that time working towards.


I was far from thriving!


Working up to 14 hours a day was totally normal for me, and this eventually led to burn out!, mental & physical exhaustion, I felt frustrated, sad, anxious and depressed, but I had to carry on because this was all I knew, this was having an impact on my health which I was ignoring because I didn't have time for 'me'. 

I’d been suffering from chronic severe neck and back pain for years (most of it stress-related), which would cripple me some days but I still dragged myself into work every day, and thankfully the pain got so bad, that I was forced to stop and listen to my body.  

For the first time in my life, I surrendered to the truth that things were not working.  I had neglected my emotional and physical health with suppressing the symptoms, now it was vital to my health, my body, my sanity, that I stopped and listened.

So, I did!


I knew my life had more meaning, I knew I had another purpose, another calling……In 2014, I did the unexpected, found the courage to follow my heart, took the LEAP OF FAITH, and handed in my notice and quit my job as a lawyer,  left the daily grind of the corporate world and the rat race.  Big gasp!!!” Whaaaaaat!! everyone around me said, have you gone mad! why are you throwing away such a lucrative career?  But I knew this was not my path to my happiness and fulfillment and found the courage to stand my ground. But one thing for sure I did know, was that I no longer wanted to be chained to a desk, in a soul-sucking job, building someone else's dream!

So I left a career I had spent 16 years making!!!! with no Plan B in place............


At 40, I started my life all over again (cliche as it is!!!! my life truly did begin at 40!)

I finally let go of the expectation I had for myself and what others had for me, and let me tell you it was the most liberating feeling ever!! 

My life vision now was to discover the 'true me' create a life I desired and become the best version of the woman I most wanted to be.

Upon leaving the law, I knew one thing, I didn't want to help someone else build their dream!.  I desired to run my own business, but what? I asked myself? All I had was a laptop, a vague idea about how to actually run a business and an unshakeable desire for a life of more freedom, fun & fulfillment. 


l started a business that I thought was going to make me a lot of money and I went into it with an ego mindset, I spent a lot of hours, days, months, and a lot of money setting it up.   Shortly after startup, it failed because I went into it for the wrong reasons and wasn't aligned with my Soul's purpose and my heart wasn't in it.  In a way, it was a blessing in disguise because it taught me so much about entrepreneurship and how to deal with failure, but the biggest lesson I got from it was that I knew I wasn't aligned with my purpose. 

I also knew I had some emotional and physical healing to do which I continued to ignore, I discovered new methods to support my healing from all the conditioning and emotional baggage from my personal life and becoming institutionalised from the corporate world.  This lead me into a deep healing, spiritual journey, and meditation, I had so many breakthroughs which transformed my life!. I knocked down barriers, limiting beliefs, and re-programmed my mindset, gave it a total makeover! I MADE SELF CARE AND SELF LOVE MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, which has transformed my life and allowed me to feed my soul and emotional well-being. 

Activating my Purpose!

I began connecting with amazing people who inspired me on topics of wellbeing and intentional living and I was hooked!

I found the courage to close that door of EXPECTATION and kept the faith that the Universe had other plans for me. I accepted corporate life was not the best place for me to thrive. I was sick of being tied to a desk, having little physical, creative, intellectual freedom, and being around people who seemed to be just as unhappy and discontent with their career as I was, I hated being in this negative toxic environment.

I started reading personal development books, attending seminars and workshops, tuning into podcasts, and listening to stories of women just like me who had created a life of freedom, fun & fulfillment! Suddenly a career that I considered “creative” and “free” didn’t seem so far away. I knew I wanted to have my own business too. But, doing what???


And then I heard it - my own inner voice say:


"The only thing that could be better than living my own dream, would be guiding others to live theirs..."

Even though I felt repressed creatively, emotionally, and physically from the corporate environment, I loved the client-facing part of my role.

Little did I know I was uncovering a gift I never knew I had! A gift that had shown up in all the previous jobs I had, I just hadn’t valued it. The gift of holding space, the gift of coaching, the gift of supporting people through major life legal challenges.

I further invested in mentors and coaches to help me create the best version of me and live a life true to me, aligned with my core values, and to help me show up as my authentic self.  I worked with my first coach for 6 months seeking answers, clarity, and personal growth, and then my second coach for 12 months who guided me to build the heart-centered, soulful business I run today.


I fell in love with coaching and meditation so much I embarked upon this path myself. In 2015 I qualified as a coach, with my diploma in Life and Business coaching, trained as a Master NLP Practitioner, Coach and Trainer, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, and I didn’t stop there........ I went on a spiritual journey to India and Bali, and I trained as a Meditation Teacher and Yoga Teacher. 

Fast forward to today, I found the support I needed to leave behind the life I thought I was ‘supposed’ to create, for the one my Soul was craving to live. I’ve never felt so free in all my life. 

I live life with joy, fulfillment, freedom, and inner peace, which has led me to run my passion and purpose-filled business today. I am proud to call myself a SOULPRENEUR, leading from the heart.   


Now I am so passionate to help other women redesign their life, no longer have to live the 'traditional' 'conventional' life expected of them, and to help them rip away all those labels of expectation, and discover their authentic self and have live a life that is purposeful and aligned with their authentic self.

I speak to so many women who are afraid of going after their dreams, of investing in themselves and in their visions, afraid of what others, or society, might think of them or afraid of failing.


Here’s the thing, my story… it didn’t break me, In the end, it made me so much stronger than I ever thought possible. It made me build my life, every day I wake up, I get to choose ME, I get to chase my dream and create my future, Is that selfish? I don’t know, but to be honest, you only have ONE life and I don’t want to look back at my life and regret all the things I DIDN’T DO!


I worked my ass off to create a life and career that I wanted to be happy and proud of.  I was married, 2 incredible sons, a successful career as a lawyer, my own home, went on amazing holidays.  I was living a life on the outside that looked picture perfect!

I found the courage and escaped the rat race and my 9-5, found my ultimate FREEDOM, I left a successful corporate career in law which I spent 16 years in the making, all because I surrendered to the guidance of my Soul. 



I'm here to unite you with your highest self, your deepest truth, and your ultimate inner calling in life. From this place, and this place only, can you truly begin to live a Soul Aligned Life, full-time!

So nurture your DREAMS, chase them, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and Ignore the naysayers!

Become the creator and curator of a life that you LOVE, because you deserve it, In fact, you owe it to yourself.

Here's the fun stuff too!!.....

  • If I had a superpower, it would be to have wings & fly

  • I want to get my motorbike licence and go on one of the great Canadian road trips 

  • I'm a vegetarian and can't convert to being a vegan because I'm addicted to cheese

  • I'm nuts about nut butter, yum yum

  • My favourite comedy is Girls Trip - a must watch!! life is all about laughter and fun!

  • My favourite movie is Wizard of Oz - where I got my biggest spiritual lesson about the yellow brick road... which teaches you how to find your path to your true self........

  • I carry my furbaby Maltese around like a real baby 

  • In another life I would be a Primatologist (study of primates) or wildlife Biologist as I love animals and nature.

  • My favourite book is Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat, Pray, Love'- We all need to go on this Journey................

  • If I were an animal I would want to be a dolphin

  • I hug trees - When hugging a tree, you naturally release the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine

  • One day I will hike all the Mountains which have the planetary chakras - Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Mount Agung & Mount Kailash

It's your turn, beautiful Soul. 

I guide and teach driven women like you to create the kind of life that inspires you.

When we work together, you will experience the FREEDOM you never even realised was possible for you. 


The FREEDOM to be who you authentically are, no more worrying about what other people might think, or the expectation of you! 


The FREEDOM to leave a job you hate and no longer serves you, and create an income doing something that makes your Soul fill with complete joy and fulfillment. 


The FREEDOM to get out of the corporate rut.


The FREEDOM to become the leader you dream of becoming, in a career or business you love. 


The FREEDOM to create an income well beyond what you can even believe is possible. 

The FREEDOM from your hidden subconscious blocks and self-sabotage patterns that are holding you back. 


Would you like that?

Good, because I'm here to guide you through you all of it. 

But how did I get here?  Well, this is exactly what I’m here to help you with. It is the most exhilarating journey you could ever go on, and I couldn’t be more honored to share this experience with you…